Xmodels Offers 40% User Referral Bonus For Their Models

Xmodels Offers 40% User Referral Bonus For Their Models


Geneva, Switzerland – Xmodels cam model platform has announced its new and unprecedented User Referral Bonus for cam models that pays them 40% for each new user they bring on the platform.

Xmodels replaced the 15 % Bonus which was given previously with a very generous 40% Lifetime Referral Bonus. Models can use their unique referral link to signup users on Xcams.com for the female models and on Hunprivates.com for the male models.

“This is an exciting and high-paying opportunity for Xmodels cam models to gain more money by inviting new users to our platform. Referral income isn’t a new thing but such a high rates is, and so Xmodels becomes a leading platform by offering one of the highest user referral rate in the livecam business.  Models can profit highly from their social media community and ensure a very nice extra amount of cash under their earnings” said Ovidiu Necula (Robin) , Xmodels Business Development Account Manager.

In addition to the highest Lifetime User Referral Bonus models can also refer other models to the platform, having to choose between 5% Lifetime and 10% for 12 months referral.

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