Will Whastapp, Instagram and Messenger disappear? Zuckerberg’s announcement

Will Whastapp, Instagram and Messenger disappear? Zuckerberg’s announcement


Your favorite social networks may really soon work differently than you are used to.  Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, plans major changes for Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, as announced earlier this year. Now Zuckerberg comes  with a post on Facebook and telling about his vision.

The change will consist in the fact that the three major apps will be united. When this will happen, more than 2.6 billion users will be in the same place. Even if Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger will continue to run separately, the three applications will allow users to communicate with each other, thanks to new software that will be deployed in the coming period.

Another change will be made at a security level. All the messages between users will be encrypted, so they can be seen only by those involved in the discussion. In fact, this is  Facebook’s response to the security scandal in which the company was involved in the past years.

Zuckerberg’s plan has already begun to be implemented by small start-ups and the change will be complete in 2020. In a year from now, a Facebook user will easily be able to send a message to a user who does not have Facebook, but he is using Instagram or Whatsapp.

“I understand that many people don’t think Facebook can or would even want to build this kind of privacy-focused platform – because frankly, we don’t currently have a strong reputation for building privacy protective services, and we’ve historically focused on tools for more open sharing,” Zuckerberg wrote. “But we’ve repeatedly shown that we can evolve to build the services that people really want, including in private messaging and stories.”

“Intimacy gives people the freedom to be themselves and to establish more natural connections. That is why we are building social networks”

“I expect in a few years that future versions of Messenger and Whatsapp will become the main means of communication on the Facebook network,” says Zuckerberg.