Will the sex doll industry be the future of the adult entertainment?

Will the sex doll industry be the future of the adult entertainment?


The sex doll industry is currently getting on a golden path, close to reaching its greatness, according to plenty of biz analysts. Very soon, people will be able to create their most wanted silicon partner, that will be able to know their hopes, fears, fantasies, and dreams. One positive aspect of using a hi-tech silicone doll is that she will “always be ready to satisfy” her customers, she will never provide reasons for avoiding sex and she’ll be able to conversate like a normal real human.

RealDoll company is one of the biggest producers of sex doll that are aiming to create and to bring on the market an interactive next gen doll. According to their estimations, the official launch will take place by the end of the year. However, an important factor that might influence the evolution of this kind of gears, in the long run, is represented by the feminist circle, which may see the rise of these bots as an unhealthy and dangerous solution. This particular trend might cause to some extents the subjugation or the objectification of women on a big scale. Of course, there is a counter-movement against it, as plenty of men fight back with the argument that women have weaponized sex for a long time and turned it into a mean of control.

From the entertaining perspective, using such alternative as AI-powered sexbots might switch the sexual dynamics for good! Whereas, the creation of these sex dolls might cause the loss of control and power exerted by women over men, according to some sociologists and psychologists. Obviously, there are many more specialists who totally rule out the last hypothesis, arguing that sex robots, just like other sources of entertainment or gadgets will come handy for a specific category of people. Thereby not affecting by any means the way how men will perceive women in the long run! In light of their arguments, they also take into account the ethical perspective regarding the use of this machines and the tech advancements which will be will become even a bigger part of our lives.

RealDoll’s CEO McMullen stated that when the flagship (RealBotix) will arrive on the market, it will have an entry price of approximately $15,000  and it will offer an annual subscription which will enable the users to download different personalities on demand. We can easily conclude that with such price tag, the company has a certain market target!  

The science of materials and tech have evolved rapidly, meaning that we are not too far from witnessing a living doll that will speak, walk and do other human activities. Quite interestingly though, some of high-tech the dolls made of silicone and TPE variants cause some surprises among the brothels. For example, in Barcelona, a brothel has been closed after some local prostitutes made a campaign to close it, whereas in Vienna, a sex doll is rented with 100$ per hour and it’s outselling the real girls, sounding at least peculiar or hilarious for many people.

Even under these circumstances, McMullen argues that it isn’t the case to worry about this situation, as the sexbots will give a helping hand to those who struggle to create bonds in the real world and won’t serve as a substitute for the current ones!

At the moment around 75% of RealDoll`s clients are men, however, this figure is changing due to the advancements of AI, which makes women more curious and eager to invest in a simulated partner.

Having heard some many innovations that characterized the sexbot industry during the last years, we can simply argue that the latter represents one of the best technical partners for the AI industry. Consequently, these dolls might be in the near future the most common gadgets which will be a part of our life before we even know it.