What annoys members the most?

What annoys members the most?


In this business, one of the main elements for climbing to success is to create a win-win situation between you as a performer and the customer.

It`s true that it often happens to hear hosts complaining about their fans behavior, for instance being impolite, pushy or focused on how to ruin a great mood. Now the million dollar question is: it`s always the member’s fault or are the models acting the same way with their fans?

After some research made trying to figure out where this disequilibrium comes from,  we rang down that it can be both sides’ fault or just a simple bad interaction.  It`s true that a lot of members can be disturbing but models can have a rude behavior in an equal manner. Consequently, this time we tried to identify how models can annoy and lose their fans, by willingly or unconsciously behaving in certain circumstances.

Some models are blaming visitors for not tipping a certain amount of money or not answering to their invites to privates. It can be very annoying for fans to hear that they didn’t tip enough, which is definitely a very rude complain for a model. Imagine the situation when a waiter will complain in public about the value of your tip for a specific beverage, how would that make you feel?  

As we revealed in a previous article, social media can be used as a tool for keeping in touch and creating a better connection with your fans when you are not online. However, sometimes hosts are using social media in a wrong way to make a big fuss about how terrible was their last online session or how they didn`t receive any offline tips.

Some models exert a habit of being pushy immediately after members got into their chat rooms, bombarding them with questions and private messages like: “hi b.b! Hru?” or “hi b.b! I`m horny! Are you horny too?” But on the other hand, there are some sort of models that are not paying any attention to their chat rooms and ignore the fact that there are several people watching them and trying to have an interaction. Usually these models, completely ignore all the conversation aspects from casual and polite greeting to specific curious questions.

Because of the frustration of a bad day webcam models can be over sensitive and stingy, developing and revealing a defensive attitude against the customers. One of the main concerns about this attitude is that it usually leads to calling and insulting customers in different ways like cheap wankers, freeloaders, or even beggars. Such situations usually occur when a member seems reluctant in choosing to go for a private chat, at model’s immediate request.

Another aspect which is extremely annoying for performers and members alike is the bitchy attitude that a model can develop against other performers.  We know that the competition can be fierce, but it should be considered a tool for evolution, not for regression.  When you start talking in a bad way about another model and start to complain about how other hosts are “stealing” your customers it only disappoints the customers and damages the image you have created, in just a few seconds.

Acting desperate and needy with your fans can only scare and push them away, due to the terrible sensation you create. They can easily get the impression that you are only interested in their money, not having thus any genuine intention to create a connection with them.

Another really irritating aspect is represented by the outrageously loud music played in your room which makes the conversation almost impossible. In light of these arguments, it’s worth highlighting again that the very large majority of members have a specific pleasure to hear the model talking because it gives a natural feeling trying to break the barriers of virtual.  

Since nowadays there are so many possibilities to make extra bucks using your camming reputation and image, many models decide to sell personal items or even photos and videos. Even though these options can be so profitable, they also can lead to uncomfortable situations immediately. For instance, there were enough cases when members bought videos, pictures or any other objects from performers but these “products” weren’t ever delivered. This kind of situations surely will ruin your reputation, it will make you look like a schemer or a dreadful person, which will lead to losing fans for good!    

Another annoying situation can happen when holidays such as Christmas or Easter are approaching and some models are getting wild, basically starting to beg for presents. They tend to promise videos in exchange, wearing or utilizing the products presented on their wish lists. Needless to say, that it is embarrassing and denigrates you!

As we already mentioned, in the beginning of this article, both parties can endure rude behavior or embarrassing moments. For example, a member is very demanding and exhibits a pushy behavior and on the other side the model is feeling used and endures a shade of derision.  A good perspective is to manage somehow to show respect and to imply it to members.