Virtual reality in cam industry

Virtual reality in cam industry


As many of you have already noticed, the adult industry has become one of the most powerful players in the global economy. The world we live in is getting more dynamic than ever, and is it characterized by a tremendous continuous process of development which in turn, shapes and influences all kind of industries, including the adult one.  Therefore any limitations of the adult industry presented a couple of years ago on TV or specific magazines, have become obsolete, making thus, nowadays, room to so many futuristic boundaries, such as V.R. tools.

Adult entertainment conquered the virtual reality niche so smoothly, perhaps more than any other industry, except gaming industry which is such a rough competitor when it comes to audience and expectations. Today plenty of cam networks have cropped  the idea of introducing virtual reality sex experience. Although VR and its technology are only at the beginning stage, they are developing with every day passing by.  Perhaps there are still people who are asking themselves what the concept of virtual reality camming really means. On this matter, the explanation would be a simple one:  broadcasting 3-dimensional technology using a 360 degree camera that creates ultra-clear breath-taking lifelike images. It gives the possibility to a user to interact with a model which is broadcasting via VR technology, to feel like  he is in the same room with that performer even though they are miles away.

This technology takes the world of live chat modeling as we currently know, it to the next level and as a consequence, users will wish to spend more time with their favorite hosts due to the outstanding experience, creating thus a win-win situation for both parties involved.  

Relying massively on the development of the technology, companies such as Kiiroo, have enriched the experience of interacting with a broad range of performers through the great blend between software, social media and hardware devices. In this regard, they have created sex toys for women and men with stimulating vibrators which are equipped with remote sensors and specific rings.  Although it might be hard to picture these devices, or to fully understand how they work without seeing or touching them, some customers proved a keen interest in them and pre-ordered and without any surprise they declared themselves very satisfied!

As we already pointed out before, this futuristic technology gives users the possibility to experience an ultra realistic interaction. Manufacturers of such devices claim that only by wearing a new Oculus Rift headset, for example, you might be able to see your favorite performer in real time like she would be in front of you, pleasing you in ways that you were only dreaming about before. Since the Oculus Rift has the possibility to add haptic sensations, it determined most of the popular porn sites to create a series of VR demos or presets for people who are curious to simulate a realistic naughty experience.

With this huge popularity of camming industry, it looks like virtual interaction reality went to a new era of renaissance.  Users haunt this kind of platforms because they are looking for a genuine and strong connection with someone, and luckily,  virtual reality is able to make this experience more intense, enjoyable and entertaining than ever before. In the same time, virtual reality makes the entire cam biz more lucrative, since these innovations have the ability to bring many more interested guys on cam platforms and they also make a large number of girls interested in becoming a live entertainer. As the number of users grows, the vast majority of cam models will enjoy a better traffic and it will be so much easier for them to get under their customer’s skin due to such new gadgets, which can obviously be seen as a new and adequate reason to become a cam model.

A good news is that these gadgets or headsets are becoming really affordable for most of the people interested in this kind of technology, besides there are plenty of producers who offer them like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or even Google Cardboard. As a consequence, several cam sites such as CamSoda, have already adapted and optimized their virtual reality experience for Google Cardboard headset; we can exemplify that Google Cardboard can be bought for less than $ 17.50 whereas the required app is free.

As the technology grows, the concept of sexual stimulation using smart gadgets will need to be redefined. After witnessing so many changes, one may naturally ask himself,  how the future of sex technology will look like? Well.. the answer is definitely not an easy one… since it’s so ridiculously hard to predict the future! But one thing we know for sure, VR field will continue to improve and we’ll definitely see an impressive number of patents rolling out.