Virtual interaction- a new phase?!

Virtual interaction- a new phase?!


When it comes to technology advancements, our world seems to be the proper playground for so many brilliant developers or inventors. One of the latest and funniest breakthroughs come from the almighty Asian continent, where a bunch of brilliant researchers from the National University of Singapore has successfully simulated the appearance and the taste of lemonade with electrodes, sensors, and a glass of water.

Through these tricks, scientists were able to transmit in a digital format the basic taste and look of a lemonade. They used pH sensors and color to capture the acidity of a fresh lemonade, and after that, they have transferred the data to electrodes existing in the plain water. The drinker’s senses were stimulated with the electricity from the receiving electrodes, and some LED lights mimicked the color of the lemonade.

The whole point regarding this project was based on a fact that people usually do on social media: posting pictures of drinks- what if they could upload the taste as well?

The scientists team has tested this product on 13 people who didn’t know whether is real lemonade or not. At first, the volunteers learned to relax their tongues permitting tastes buds to enjoy and analyze the substance, based on how it initially appeared and how sour it actually tasted.

After the first test, on an average, people said that the real lemonade was sourer than the virtual one. The tasters perceived, maybe due to the brightness of the LEDs, the virtual lemonade to be sourer based on how it looks at the first glance. Now the team is focused on developing a way to stimulate the smelling sense as well.

Another nice aspect of this technology is that people may enjoy sweet drinks without influencing their blood sugar or teeth condition or even getting intoxicated with alcohol.  In addition, this new tech improves the interaction between people and enhances the share experience.

Many social media platforms have welcomed this idea, like Facebook, who has acquired Oculus with the vision of VR serving as a new platform for a deeply engaging communication. In essence,  the researchers are aiming to make possible actions like sharing more than memories with the close ones online, regardless of the geographical distance.

Imagine what impact would have this on the adult industry giving the possibility of an improved and more genuine interaction between models and their fans. The scientists stated that they are intensively working to simulate other types of beverages, so it would be a great occasion to create a proper environment for a romantic dinner with your friends or fans.  Since the live cam market is getting more and more saturated, customer satisfaction and retention became more challenging as well. Thus in order to keep pace with the competition or to assure a successful career, cam performers need to understand the perks of nowadays technology and to make use of large gamma of new gadgets such as smart sex toys or VR cameras. It may sound quite hard to grasp it at first, however creating a large portfolio of loyal fans and a strong bond, they can be achieved easier through these type of gadgets. Just draw a simple comparison between a performer who tries to persuade customers using only her keyboard to communicate and one who makes use of microphone body-language, smart toys, and VR cameras. Without any doubts, the latter one has a competitive advantage, implicitly higher chances to obtain a high conversion rate and also a huge opportunity to obtain real loyal fans.

To summarize, due to the evolution of technology, the possibility of a well-done show is getting close, with a 100% of your involvement.