Twenty skills that camgirls should develop and improve-by #girlsfromstudio20

Twenty skills that camgirls should develop and improve-by #girlsfromstudio20


Being a camgirl isn’t an easy job, as we all know. It’s not just a matter of getting naked and immediately making a ton of money. You have to know how to talk to members, how to entice them, seduce them, tease them, create a certain mood. Below we will talk about 20 talents and special skills of camgirls we talked to.


Camgirls who know how to pole dance can have quite the spectacular shows. Pole dancing requires a combination of muscle strength, elegance, and sensuality, but, if you can pull it off, it will have amazing results. Who doesn’t want to see a hot woman doing acrobatics on a pole? Combine it with some sexy lingerie and you’ve got yourself a spellbound audience!


On that note, normal dancing is also quite the good skill to have. Moving seductively on good music is an art, and mastering it will get you a lot of admirers. Dancing private shows are something that I’ve done myself, without having to do anything else.

Fashion and costuming

I once knew a camgirl who loved fashion. Her entire presence online consisted of putting on different outfits for her fans, acting like she was on a catwalk, trying on different accessories. She worked hard to create a fan base, but she never actually got naked in a show.


Roleplay is something many people desire. It’s a way to escape your life for a bit, imagine whatever you want. Everything becomes possible. If you have good acting skills and you can create a good fantasy, many will appreciate that.


A lot of camgirls have quite good singing voices and use that to their advantage. I’ve known a couple who used to do entire private shows consisting of different songs, usually on request from their members.

Being an entertainer

Every camgirl needs to know how to entertain her audience. Creativity is key. After all, no one wants to enter a boring chat room. Playing certain games with members can ensure that everyone will have a lot of fun and leave satisfied. Some bring a new game every time they’re online. For example, putting different prizes in a bag and extracting one with every tip. Or having a sort of lottery to choose the kind of private show you’ll do that night. The possibilities are endless.

Doing gymnastics and acrobatics

Small acrobatics can go a long way, for whoever can do them. There are certain camgirls who are quite good at gymnastics or stretching. They could easily turn that towards the sensual and charm their fans. They also had special shows, like naked stretch exercises. They never failed to attract people.


Drawing is, at a first glance, something that doesn’t have anything to do with camming. But any skill can be used while online if you know how to. There was this camgirl whose outfits consisted of elaborate body paint. Sure, she wore something to cover her bits, but everything else was hand painted by her. Her members were absolutely fascinated with it, and usually came with requests.

Being a good listener

Being a good listener is a skill not many think about, but i found it really important for a camgirl. There are a lot of members who want to feel like they have a connection with you. They might not have anyone to talk to, to share their problems, and they appreciate a kind ear, especially from someone who is sexy and has a warm personality.

Creative Writing

One camgirl knew how to write really well. And there were a lot of members who had no microphone or audio capabilities but wanted to create a fantasy. She took them on a detailed trip into the erotic fantasy world, managing to create an entire story with them.

Self bondage

This goes a bit into a kinky territory, but I once saw an amazing camgirl who knew how to do a bit of self-bondage. Not very complicated, a few knots, a bit of rope, but she complimented her outfits excellently with that, and looked really good. She gained a lot of fans with it, and they were very into it and her style.


You know what else looks amazing on camera? Twerking. It highlights the ass and is incredibly sexy for a lot of people. Combined with a bit of an arched back, good music, and hot lingerie or tight shorts and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Tying a knot into a cherry stem

There are so many stories about tying a knot into a cherry stem. It’s a bit difficult, but certainly not impossible, and some camgirls use that to tease their members. Usually combined with a bright, strong lipstick for an enhanced effect.

Massage skills

One of the camgirls I saw had taken erotic massage classes. This would seem like something you can’t use in an online environment, but she had found a good way to use it since she knew all the good ways to put pressure in certain areas and use her muscles for a spectacular show.

Good muscle control

Muscle control can be quite entertaining if you can use it to move your boobs and ass without the use of your hands. It’s a small skill but looks quite cute and hot on camera.


I don’t think I have to give a lot of details of why flexibility is an amazing skill to have as a camgirl. Naked yoga and almost impossible bust super hot positions will attract a lot of members and keep them there.

Voice acting

Voice acting skills are a bit rarer, but they can be put to very, very good use on the camera. Changing one’s voice to fit the mood, seducing someone just with a slight shift in intonation, all those can enhance an already good show.


One camgirl was very very aware of the environment she worked from. Every single thing could become a prop. She once had a show where she played with and introduced her plushies to a spellbound audience. Another time, she did an entire show with flowers and flower petals.


Adaptability is also an important part of being a camgirl. There are some, however, who have that at a whole different level. Girls who can easily switch mid show if their member wants something different or if something isn’t working properly, someone who can improvise on the spot and always seem fresh and new.

Language skills

Multilingual people are rare, and English works just fine. If you know more than English though, you can do a lot with certain members. I know several camgirls who can also speak other languages, and gained some fans who were very happy to talk to them in those languages.

As you can see, there are many talents in this world, and they all can be an advantage in the camming industry. Some are more spectacular, others are unusual. The trick is to find a thing that defines you, something you’re good at and enjoy, and turn it into something that works online.