Trends in the live cam business: what can come next? Exclusive interview...

Trends in the live cam business: what can come next? Exclusive interview with LiviaChoice


What is the trend for our industry you would bet all your money for the year to come, based on your job position?

Based on my job position… hmm… actually I am building my job position in the business (*LOL*) considering that I don’t see myself only as a model anymore but as the pioneer of the first critical thinking about the Live Cam Industry. So I would bet all my money on my own theory about the new perspective of understanding camming, applied only for premium cam sites (it’s worth to say that freemium cam sites have a very different dynamic and I am not studying it).

I know that I naturally have a very formal writing and this may confuse the understanding of many of my readers, so I will try to explain my point of view in a very didactic way this time:

My theory is, basically, separated into 3 topics that dialogue among themselves: (1) Industry, (2) Models and (3) Members, based on The Social Aspect of Camming. In general lines, it explains that the most competitive aspect in our Industry is the connection that a model can build with her members, and it’s only possible to be done when she shows herself as someone, not as an object of teasing. I make this assumption considering that a body (an object) can be replaced by any other to satisfy only sexual needs, so there is no reason to pay a Live Cam Site, a member can visit a free porn website; however, a person has her own personality and it makes her unique. We live in a world where people are more and more isolated from each other, and Live Cam Sites are perfect platforms for ‘contemporary guys’ to satisfy social and sexual needs such as building connections with models. Let me clarify at this point that due to the difference in the physiological sexual stimulation between men (visual) and women (tactile and olfactory), cam sites are a profitable investment worth only for men.

According to your experience, how would you describe a trend in this industry in particular? What trends are you following currently?

Well, as a Communication Scientist, I believe that when we want to understand our industry, we need to first understand our society.

Why do I say this? Because models and members are people, part of our society, and when our society changes, its behavior in video chats change together. So we need to understand our societal needs and trends because this way, we can make a safe prediction of the next trend, without (or with less) both financial and human risks.

So, the current landscape of camming is very different than it was 10 years ago because our society is different than it was in the last decade. And how could we define our society nowadays? The most recent studies about the cyber world show that technology defines our society in a way that interactivity has become basically a requirement.

So when it’s applied to our Industry, I can think about social media as an amazing tool for a model to brand herself in the Industry, generate her own traffic and start building her own fan base.

During my P.h.D. (2010-2014), I have found out four fixed values related to all types of social media that can be explored to build credibility in the business:

1.) Visibility: it’s a value related to WHO you decided to be online: who are you? A girl next door? A femme fatale? A fetish girl? You must decide it first and, in the sequence, take pictures and write texts related to the character you decided to be online.

I personally would like to suggest for models to choose to be someone online that could be similar to herself offline, like a kind of alter ego, instead of choosing the character that she thinks that will make more money. I am saying that because all kind of models can make good money if you are feeling entertained by your job and it’s really hard to feed a character that has nothing related to yourself.

2.) Popularity: it’s a value related to how many followers you have, doesn’t matter the quality of them.

3.) Reputation: this value is related to what people are saying about you. I constantly talk to my therapist about my career (surely I would not have gotten this far without my “mind gym”) and on a very sad day he told me something I will keep forever: “There is a Japanese saying that ‘the wind blows higher at the top of the mountain’, which means that the best you are doing in your career, the cruelest people could be with you. So don’t worry, that’s a good sign, it means that you are reaching the top of the mountains; remember there is no wind at the base…”

4.) Authority: Now last but not least, is the value related to your authority online. Authority means that people are respecting what you say in a way that you are a trend. So, if I say that camming is an exercise of building connections between models and members and people repeat this, I have authority online (even if they don’t mention my stage name).

As most of the trends are technology related, how will new technology affect the industry?

If we are discussing technology and as I have just said that interactivity defines our society nowadays, then I think we can talk about the interactive toys now.

I believe they are a strong trend in the industry because of the connection that is established between the model and the member. And for the future, any technology centered on human connection, instead of the objectification of the model, will have great success in the Industry.

Let me explain why I do believe in this dynamic for our future:

While I was developing my own theory about camming, I have not only studied our society, but also the Porn Industry as well in order to understand the difference between the porn consumer and the live cams consumer.

So let’s go to the numbers (because fortunately, we have so many studies already done related to the porn industry):

  • 12% of the internet content is related to porn;
  • only 3% of porn is paid nowadays;
  • 98% of all that paid content is related to violence against women – such as gang bang with more than 100/150 guys with only 1 girl (!!!)

I have studied all this to conclude that the consumer of this content is not the same consumer of live cams.

So, what our members are looking for?

Interactivity and connection with our models, who can only be reached through the new perspective of understanding camming.

We all like rainbows and butterflies, but let’s get down to Earth for a bit and talk about the bad trends: can you give any examples of harmful trends people from live cam industry are following and they are pushing it back? How do we stop them or react to make a change?

I am truly devoting my life to changing everything I believe is unhealthy for our models, and, at the same time bringing profitable substitutions to the industry. It has been a lonely journey, with not too much recognition until this moment, but I will never give up because no price is too high to pay for fighting for what we believe in. And I believe in my theory about camming as I know the sun will shine tomorrow.

Anyway, I decided to formalize the “new perspective of understanding camming” because fortunately, more and more people in our Industry are following me when I say that the first key of this business is about building a connection between models and members, which includes the social aspect of camming. So this view that everyone is repeating now contrasts with what I am considering the “old perspective of understanding camming“, which has all the harmful trends related to models’ treatment in the Industry, which is reflected in their members’ behavior.

I’ll give you a few examples now: 

When Industry doesn’t care about their models’ quality of life, treating them like product and objects, demanding them to tease like crazy in free live chat, to see each and every guest as a potential client doesn’t matter how they are being treated in return, stimulating the competition among them through lists, then…. these models become aggressive with each other (practicing bullying), bother cam sites’s representatives with completely useless reports related to other camgirls, and, in the end spend less hours online because they usually suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression and various types of compulsion.

What is the result of this scenario in practice? Less money for their companies! Why? Because only a few really competitive girls support this kind of activity to ensure their places in good lists or to win prizes/awards, and all the rest give up the job (let’s consider that a company cannot depend on 5-10 workers, but on a high % of the site’s hosts to grow in the Industry).

From the members’ point of view, when a model is trained to behave like an object, they are rude, disrespectful, spend little time in the videochat room, which means… they spend less money. So it does not seem profitable for any side of the Industry to keep encouraging it anymore.

Now, let’s consider a different point of view:

So many studies about work psychology show that when you invest in your employee’s quality of life, they produce more and the company makes more money.  When we are talking about a model when you give her quality of life, she becomes loyal to your platform, and loyalty means business for the camming industry because it comes together with her fan base. Besides, she also works more and in a better mood. Let’s remember that to sell entertainment, the person needs to feel entertained in a kind of way as well. This type of model attracts a different type of member: more polite, open to know her as a person, which will come back to her room often and stay longer, spending a lot of money with her.

After it all, I think I have given enough logical explanations to justify that “the new perspective of understanding camming” is much more profitable for all sides of the business” in a very didactic way (for the first time! I’ve done it! 🙂 )

I hope this interview has been enlightening! I am available for questions and doubts by email, twitter and/or any social media you would like to contact me 🙂

Support the Social Aspect of Camming you too, and let’s humanize the Industry together!

Dr. Priscila Magossi (Communication Scientist PUC-SP/Brazil) aka LIVIACHOICE