Osé, a device conceived for the sexual stimulation of women , „designed for hands-free blended
orgasms“, according to the producer (Lora DiCarlo), a product „created by women to empower women“
received this year the CES Robotics Innovation Award. One month later, CES took the award back.
This facts generates a big scandal: many people reacted and said that a product, as a person, should not be discriminated just because of the „sexual orientation”. In fact, the award was given in first place because it was considered an extraordinary result of innovative robotics.

After they submitted the product to 2019 selection of CES,Lora DiCarlo received the announcement that
they were selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Robotics and Drone product
category, for the Osé personal massager.

But afterwards, the representatives of CES and CTA (Consumer Technology Association (which owns and
produces CES) announced that they are taking back the award and Osé will not even be alowed to be
presented at CES 2019, because the object was considered „immoral, obscene, indecent”.
On the other side, Lora DiCarlo accuses CTA of discrimination, considering that CES 2018 alowed another
company to exhibit a sex toy for men (Solana, a sexbot produced by Abyss Creations), presented on
stage at CES for Engadget’s After Hours show. Also, they allow a VR porn company to exhibit here for a
public who can watch adult movies.

Producers of Osé, a product designed in partnership with Oregon State University and the subject of
eight pending patents, are saying that the attidude of CTA is discriminatory for women and applies a
double standard: while showing a sex robot for men it’s ok, showing a vagina-focused robotic massager
it’s not ok. CES is also ok with showing breast pumps, Kegel exercisers, and even robotic vacuums –
products created for women to use, but for other persons to benefit. But a device created exclusively for the benefit of women, it’s not ok.
In any case, Osé probably had more publicity because of that prize taken back by CTA and CES then was

The launching of the product is planned for the fall of this year. Just in case you want to surprise any girlfriend…

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