Top 10 types of members through the eyes of cam models

Top 10 types of members through the eyes of cam models


Cam girl, cam models, video chat, members, guests, those are just a few of the terms used in everyday life. How is the life of a cam model? Let’s find out!

Being a cam model, as I like to call it, can be really challenging sometimes. Let’s play an imagination game. You are in a room made of glass in a crowded place and you are wearing lingerie, right? Imagine everyone looking at you. You can have your kick if you are an exhibitionist or it can send you to a mental hospital if you are the shy type.

It may not be all hearts and flowers but it’s a great job, once you get used to it.

The biggest cons that we can think of are the trolls. Oh boy…we’ve made a top 10 trolls and we’ve asked the #girlsfromstudio20 to describe them.

10The needy – <Those are the guys that are emotion manipulative. All they do is to try to guilt trip you a lot. They tip you and they stay with you every night and after a while, they get really needy if you don’t respond them right away. For example, if you tweet something like “It’s just magic”, they will immediately message you: “Was that about me? It was, right? Say it was, say you love me, blah, blah, blah”>  Cassie Smith

9. Demanding dom – they demand you to do things. “I always tell my members to check out the list of what I do in private. The demanding guys will take you to private and demand for hardcore anal, although that was not on the menu. If you don’t do what the want, they’ll start calling you names and they will give you a bad rating. They are creepy and they need to be stopped.” Eliza Miller

8. The directors – <This is something more for the cam models that like to do cam shows. They will message you something like “yeah baby! that’s so right! now turn around and open your ass for me!”. They will try to direct you, they will not tip you or take you to private, so be smart and have a little fun with them.> Megan Kroft

7. The basic bees – “These are basic members. They have a free account, but they don’t tip, they won’t boost you. They just act like they should be treated like paying members, but they are not. The good part is that you can block them.” Rebecca000

6. The knight in shining armor – <These members are the funny ones. They are the guys who will message stuff like “you’re so beautiful, you shouldn’t be doing this, you have such a bright future ahead of you, you are so much more and so much better than this”. > Eve Thompson

5. The “mmm baby” guys – <Yeap, those are the members that will tell you “mmm baby, you look so good”, “mmm baby, suck that lolly-pop”, “mmm baby, dance for me”. And they want that for free. They just say “mmm” all the time for no reason and it’s kind of weird. I wonder if they do that in real life. Just weird.> Anastasia Lipov

4. The “excusers” – These guys are the ones that will talk nice, but they won’t take the model to private. From time to time they will ask  the model to do stuff for them because “they are such good friends” and if she/he tells them they have to pay, they will find all kind of excuses to get on their soft side.

3. The special snowflake – “Those are the guys that want you to lower your price just for them because they are so special.” Aubrey Nova

2. The passive – aggressive guys – or the cyber bullies. “They will try to bring you down with stuff like: “Wow! You really have a lot of courage to be on cam… with that face.” or “don’t get a breast operation! Small breast are not so nice, but then again, you are not that nice either.” I could continue the list, but I think we can all agree that they don’t deserve our attention.” Eva Devine

1. The creepers – “Oh, God, those are the ones that watch… and that’s all they ever do. They won’t respond even if you message them, they just watch… It might not sound like a big thing, but it’s really scary and creepy.” Devious Angel

So this is the #girlsfromstudio20’s  top 10 trolls that you will find in the cam world. Hope it’s going to be useful to every girl that decides to become a cam model. Our advice to you is to maintain a positive attitude and do not take things personally at any point.

Good luck!


  1. Well done girls. I enjoyed reading it. Sadly, we all have our share of trolls and we can’t do anything about it.

  2. Very good article! Sadly your mood can change immediately! The problem is you can’t switch back to a happy smiling face after you have been called God knows what!