Tips & Tricks for non-nude cam girls!

Tips & Tricks for non-nude cam girls!


This era of adult entertainment may look dominated by hardcore working categories, therefore being a non-nude webcam performer might sound quite like an impossible job for many newbies. Many performers seem to ask themselves how are they gonna earn money without getting undressed on cam? Hence, we ran this article with a view to shedding some light on the benefits of choosing a softcore category.

From the start, you should keep in mind that working on softcore categories is a pretty common practice and it can be extremely profitable if you have the right approach. It is highly imperative to understand that many cam sites are essentially better suited for non-nude performers. It is absolutely true that the term non-nude performers, is a broad one, thus, for the sake of brevity, we will divide it into two different categories such as the girl next door and dominatrix and will briefly present them. The both aforementioned categories work really good on premium sites since such platforms implemented in visitors mind the idea of private chat and its importance.

The Dominatrix approach requests a certain type of personality or customs, plus a specific attitude towards your members. Also in order to fully identify what kind of desires defines submissive men, a certain level of continuous and extensive research is required. This is the only efficient and sustainable way to increasing your chances of providing high-quality fetish private shows since this category of guys are very sensitive. The idea is quite simple, they become your loyal fans if you treat them right or you will never see them again if you don’t!

Still, this category engages plenty of practices that don’t require any kind of nudity such as jerk off instruction (JOI), cum eating instruction (CEI), blackmail, humiliation, worship and so on. This kind of members visits your chatroom showing plenty of requests that don’t involve nudity whatsoever. Usually, their demands are based on specific fetishes like foot fetish, tongue play, leather clothing, or fitness practice. Many of these customers engaged in this kind of practices spend more money compared to people who only appreciate erotic shows, as their fantasies require more time to be fulfilled. Submissive people also show a particular interest in spoiling you with different gifts or to pay for your content, thus considerably increasing the prospect of earnings.

Assuming that you don’t feel confident enough to be a dominatrix, or you simply have no intention to focus on certain fetishes, then you can easily go for the next-door-girl option. As a cam performer on a non-nude section, you should compensate the absence of naughty shows by simply being a vivacious person and the most confident advisor for many lonely people. This kind of people are always looking for new persons able to bring positive thoughts and energy back to their life. Remember that a smile is not only the best makeup you can wear but also it represents the first sign of enjoying being online which will definitely attract guys to your room. It is highly recommended to improve your communication skills, to show you have a very rich pack of general knowledge, in order to turn a small chat into a moment of real treasure. You have to show a friendly attitude and to create a unique atmosphere in your chat room, by simply emphasizing your personality instead of your body.

Besides a strong desire of chatting with you, many guys show a keen interest in playing different kinds of online games. Hence it is highly indicated to learn new games to play with them, from cards to dices or even communication & cultural exchanging ones. You should use your imaginations and try to engage your visitors in different modes, or even create games or customs that suit your personality.

A crucial advantage of being the next-door-girl is represented by the enormous perspective of earning important amounts of money by simply being yourself, by revealing only your inner strong points.

When you decide to work on a softcore category, you should place a special focus on your look as well. It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy or expensive outfits, but more like simple ones to perfectly sell the idea of a real friend. Thus, you can delight your audience by simply wearing a nice top and a pair of jeans or even nice pajamas for evening dates or to simulate slumber parties. Aside of the natural catchy chats and the huge avalanche of smiles and laughter, as non-nude, you should be able to perform simple, home-like activities, such cooking or physical exercise. They are important tools to maximize your earnings since an important number of visitors really enjoy watching them and are eager to pay for such activities.

When you decide to penetrate one of the aforementioned non-nude categories, you should also concentrate your attention on social media marketing strategies. If you really want to boost your earnings and to increase your fan base, you should then design your content to perfectly reflect your choice. This basically means that you have to use specific materials which won’t send a wrong message to your fans and to specifically set your target of people to share your content with. Build your personality and reputation on social media by clearly showing your personality and your true interests. Remember that being honest will provide you outstanding benefits in the long run rather than deceiving people.

To conclude, you can really become a successful performer in the adult industry without taking your clothes off, as long as you prove to be different and provide your audience with special unforgettable experiences.



  1. I have been working as a cam model for quite some time and I still find this articles very useful for kind of cam model, with or without experience…