Tips to keep your members interested!

Tips to keep your members interested!


The Cam world is really interesting and actually, all that implies sex is interesting to talk about.

Being a cam model, either boy or girl assumes that the model has loads of ideas to keep its member in its room, keep him interested and always coming back for more.

When it comes to fantasies, there have been written a lot of articles, how to’s and all that.

But we’ve decided to go straight to the models and let them tell us from experience.

Casie Smith:

The first thing you need to understand about keeping a man in your room is don’t keep a man in your room. You can’t expect them to stay there just to see you and that’s all. You have to attract with something. I do it by having a sassy kind of humor. That means that I’m always joking with other members, I’m making fun of myself and I’m easy to be around. Guys that want a girl next door type will come and chat with me and they will be like I am: funny, outgoing and sassy. So from there you will just have to be yourself.

Sasha Red:

In camming, like in real life, you need to keep things interesting. Put up a show for your members, let them know you, your true self. I love to put up improv fashion shows, let them see my dresses, my lingerie. I love talking about history and movies and I even watch movies in private chat with  my members and we comment on the movie with them. And I don’t fake anything, it’s just how I am and I am really interested in what they think, in their opinion, their take on the movie.

Anastasia Lipov:

I’m a kid so I always play games, that meaning that I love to dress up, to have my hair in different styles and  come up with  games. The way I keep a member in my room and I keep him interested is to listen to him. I won’t bore him with chit chat, I’ll actually ask him real stuff, we’d talk about what he’s interested in. I always remember what a member wants and I try to know more about his interests either if it’s about history, music, literature, fetishes and so on.

Devious Angel:

Have fun in your room, dance, smile, talk. If you act like the host to a party and engage your members they will love to come back and talk to you, see you, get to know you better.  My first experience on cam was so embarrassing, lucky for me, nobody recorded that. I just stood there, looking at the camera, like a mannequin doll. But now I understand that I need to engage more.

Aubrey Novaa:

I’m pretty new in the industry, I’ve been camming for a few months. All I can tell you is that the more genuine you are, interesting, the more the members will want to know you better. I hate being compared to a sex doll, cam girls are so much more than that and the reason why I have such great and returning members is because of my attitude. I act like I’m in a relationship with them: I’m constantly improving myself, I let them know how my day went and always ask them about theirs.



  1. I like the answers especially someone admits that she did wrong in the begin (Devious Angel – an award winning performer!).
    To get peoples interest starts with to give…. Give members reasons to talk with you and you dont need to be a talk master, but more to be someone who is leading the discussions. The best driver for this is curiousity and it can be about general things that just happen.. in music, fashion, movies, books, sport (last is no1 topic of many men) ask for opinions, set challenges…
    It is no easy, so the hardest part is to have fun with it. Nothing is as attractive but happiness and/or smiles.

  2. Be yourself, enjoy what you do, care for your members… if you have a good time in your room, most likely members in your room will also have a good time and will come back to see you!