Time management apps

Time management apps


In a previous article, we highlighted how the efficient use of time management techniques can pave the way to success for many cam performers. Consequently, we decided to reveal a bunch of effective apps to organize your tasks using the nowadays tech features.

The impact of technology on our social lives is well known, and we need to give its benefits the proper credit. We can use the power of technology to make us more productive, and implicitly to accomplish a certain task with so much ease.

The first app that we will like to present is Apple Notes, which helps you keeping track of your daily activities, ranging from personal ones to specific tasks. You also have the option to connect more Apple devices, to sync them and to check the list through iCloud.

Another app that we would like to present is Github Project Boards. This is very useful if you have some open sources project outside of camming. Besides using the Kanban technique, this app has an efficient method of keeping track of the tasks, enhancements, and bugs.

Trello seems to be a great app for planning activity and accomplishing your tasks. With this app, you can overview the past activities, inspect those specific for the current day or plan new ones. It is a very user-friendly app which offers a smooth interactive experience. Trello uses boards and cards to define a project or a task respectively. Every card contains also a list designed to point out the progress recorded for any sort of activity or to help you better categorize them. It is available for iPhones and Android smartphones. However, one its most useful feature consists in the possibility of creating a team. This way, you can directly involve your friends, family or plenty of contributors in some tasks and work together on them. The very same process can be done by using Asana or Wunderlist.

If you find the aforementioned apps complicated, we’d like to introduce you another one called Toodledo. This app allows users to set up a list of the tasks and to access it easily. It offers several options to set your priorities and allows you to separate personal tasks from professional ones. Toodledo is available for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone.

Nowadays this kind of apps can be very useful for people who usually have terrible issues in managing the time wisely. And even more interesting, plenty of studies revealed that by using such kind of platforms, people can develop a more responsible behavior and in time they will manage time more natural.