Tell me what kind of sex do you like and I’ll tell...

Tell me what kind of sex do you like and I’ll tell who you are


It’s somehow strange how people still consider sex and sexual fetishes as taboo subjects. Maybe this is why many couples have problems in bed. Recent studies show that pleasure in bed depends on what kind of sex do you like.

To be specific, a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reveals that people that are into BDSM (which stands for bondage, dominance and submission and sadomasochism) have better sex than people who don’t. In the research participated 266  BDSM practitioners and 200 people who are not into this kind of sexual encounters. The results were way better for the BDSM practitioners in what concerns a healthier and better sex life. 

The explanation is pretty easy because it’s somehow obvious that if you are more open-minded and talk about what you like, how you like it, and what you need, you are relaxed and you can enjoy more your sexual experiences and your sex life is healthier.

 The study went further and categorized into the BDSM group, and apparently, the dominants experience higher levels of satisfaction and lower level of stress concerning their sex life than the submissive. 

The author of the study, the Italian Filippo Nimbi explains why is this study so important: “The main message we wanted to share is that BDSM is not pathology or paraphilia and has nothing to do with psychological problems.”

The research received critics too because it was said that the survey was distributed mostly among BDSM practitioners. Though their answers don’t lie and they do have happy sex lives, as revealed by other studies made before. 

To conclude we must say that a more open attitude regarding sex, sex fetishes, and sexuality could not bring anything but good things, don’t you agree?