Summarising the 2018 AWSummit

Summarising the 2018 AWSummit


Mamaia – Romania . The AWSummit team is pleased to announce that the real number of attendees at the recent 2018 event is 1267 out of more than 1700 online registrations , confirming once more its position of leader in Europe . Even more , the AW-Awards Gala had a little bit more than 400 people in the room and 1000+ on the live stream , confirming as well that this is the most expected Gala of the year .

During the AW-Awards gala , Alex Gheorghe – founder of the AW Media made an surprising announcement about the future of the show . Asking him this morning to add more details to the situation , he replied : “There is nothing changing in the ownership of AW . I’ve heard all the rumours already . I am still in AW and I will continue to be interested in having successful events . I am personally just focusing on other live-cam related projects , but this doesnt mean that Roxana can not count on my help or advice whenever she will request it” . Asked by future plans for the AWSummit he said : “Roxana knew about the changes one month prior our 2018 event , and she already started building her team and strategy for the next shows . She’s the best person to ask this question” .
So , we did .

“With the awesome feedback from the 2018 attendees , I’ve decided to keep the same location for next year as well . In the last day of AWSummit 2018 , I’ve personally signed the contract for 2019 , and because of it I can also release the dates : June 4-6 . Another personal decision that I have already made is to bring on board Andra Chirnogeanu’s new oursourcing company , that will help us develop even more our social media pages , aiming with this to have an even better communication . I will also try to keep on board Bowtie Digital and 7Veils . They did an outstanding work for our recent event , I will make sure we will benefit of their services for at least next year as well ” – Roxana Chirila said , the AWSummit Event Director . “As for any other details , such as schedule or new features , our team have a long list of ideas , we will review them together , as a team , and later decide what we bring new to the 2019 show and what we keep as surprises for the next editions. Be assured we will only grow and bring new exciting features ” – she continued .

We can’t wait to see what exciting products or events the AW Media team will come up with , and we wish the best of luck to our coleague Roxana in her new venture .