SmartChat Studio celebrates five years of activity

SmartChat Studio celebrates five years of activity


On December 15th, 2016, SmartChat Studio celebrates five years of activity, and to mark this extremely important event and to celebrate five years of evolution, satisfaction and innovation in videochat’s industry,  we decided that a change was needed … that we want more.

For this reason, on November 15th 2016, having nearby the most devoted team, we inaugurated our new headquarters, the most modern one and the largest in the city. Equipped with the latest technology, our new studio has a capacity of 30 places, aiming to provide us the best working conditions, the maximum level of comfort for our models, and the highest quality content for our partners.

There were five years with good or less good moments, but overall, there were five rewarding years and the results were as expected, which makes us very happy. There were 5 full years of accomplishments for our models. Our girls have had achievements that some of us are only imagining, winning more money than expected for making their dreams and desires come true, and they were located in the tops of the largest websites in the world since the first months of activity. Why not, after all these earnings some of them hope to reach the amount of 1 million dollars accumulated throughout their videochat career.

From almost 400 models with whom we have worked over time, most of them fulfilled their dreams, whether they were stately for some or simple wishes for others. Be it a house, a dog, a car or a smartphone, many of the models we worked with managed to succeed and for us this is a great pride.

We don’t praise, but as proof of continuous evolution and perseverance of our studio, there are numerous awards and nominations at international galas and events organized in the industry. We can mention a full collection of nominations in at the AW Awards gala for the categories: “Best Cam Studio”, “The most innovative Cam Studio”, “Best Newcomer”, “Cam girl of the Year” (award won by SuperbBianca in 2016). Last nomination is recent and it was made for the event XBIZ Awards Las Vegas,  2017 edition for the category “Best Cam Studio”. (We want and we hope to win).

We are glad for all nominations and awards received by us or by our models within all these events because although we are a quite small studio, compared to others, we managed to attend to all major events in Europe showing that by working, everything can be done. That is the result of five years of work and dedication from all our team members.

All the merits have a common denominator : A team that has worked 5 years without interruption and has innovated! Yes, although it’s hard to innovate in this area we believe that we succeeded. Everything was about desire, teamwork, respect for the rules,  and also the laws and regulations of the Romanian State regarding videochat activities.

We believe that we have been one of the pioneers regarding legality in videochat in the country, and one of the studios which was heavily involved to help the videochat industry to progress and become the way it is today.

Marketing and promotion strategies practiced by our team at the studio were clean, decent and had an attitude directed toward business. We were real. We preferred to lose than to be suspected of unfairness. We were fair play with our partners and with the competition and we have always promoted constructive competition, that brings progress and not destruction.

We were and are loyal. Loyal to both our models to whom we were close every time they needed, and to our friends from LiveJasmin, we work with from the beginning, partners who have supported us every time we needed and  who always benefit of our quality content.

Work has always been important for us, but more important were the friendship relationships and our connections at the studio. Everything was placed under the emphasis of family and friendship, and our team was very united either in moments of glory, or when things were going a little bit hard. This is why now, after 5 years, we are relating as a beautiful family, who works with dedication to be better every day. We like to work and also to have fun. We love that. In this way we motivate us every day to go further and stimulate our models to get where they are willing to. We are loving pleasant surprises at birthdays, beautiful soul gifts, unforgettable parties and gorgeous trips that we like to enjoy sometimes to get out of the routine, as gratitude for every moment spent with a team that respects and takes care of people they are collaborating with.

Now after 5 years .. we are older … and more experienced. On November 15th 2016 we opened a new larger location, more modern but equally welcoming and with the same ambitious team members and our colleagues tend to more and want to refine themselves, in order to provide the best quality and become better in the near future, because it can be better, and this is confirmed by the studio’s slogan “We are not the best … that’s why We try harder.”