Sexual fetishes are running the show!

Sexual fetishes are running the show!


Sexuality is an important part of human nature and as an immediate consequence, as a performer, you should always offer a special attention to it. Nowadays, there is such a broad range of fetishes which arouse people and make them go really crazy while the concept of sexual pleasure is getting more and more sensitive and diverse than ever before.  

In this regard, we truly believe that it’s absolutely imperative to give a brief definition of fetish term, which basically can be described as “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, an item of clothing, part of the body, etc.”

Fetishes can differ in terms of their frequency, prevalence or their characteristics, as they are without any doubts, influenced by different people who have different habits or sources of pleasure. Consequently, a multitude of fetishes may be seen quite unique or uncanny though the lens of cam performers, but there are still lots of them which are often experienced by models, such as foot fetish. One of the reasons why foot fetish has become one of the most popular and diverse types of fetish is due to the fact that most customers are attracted by the soft skin of the soles or by the nails or finger shape, these customers are also seeing feet as a source of power over them and they feel obliged to serve them.

The perspective of social norms is the only aspect which differentiates a common fetish from an uncanny one, however, as a host you should be opened and responsible for fulfilling their deepest desires. Obviously, in order to fully understand a member’s’ needs and fantasies, a certain amount of research is absolutely mandatory. Picture that weird situation when a guy who is eager to spend an impressive amount of money realizes from the first glance that you really have no idea about that pleasure, it will definitely cut off his interest in you! However, you also have to set specific boundaries, especially when some people come up with crazy ideas that either are forbidden by the site regulations or may really affect and disturb you.

In this infinite universe of sexual fantasies, really bizarre fetishes occurred over time, such as agalmatophilia which means people are aroused by statues, katoptronophilia aka being excited by having sex in front of the mirror or BDSM which involves erotic practices involving domination and submission. Consequently, many models have faced situations when certain members asked for blowing balloons and after that humping it until they blow off.

Satisfying their desires should be seen as a great achievement for you, since offering them outstanding experiences will transform them from simple curious visitors into loyal customers.  The whole point is to remain open minded and responsive to their requests, hence our free piece of advice for you is act normal to their fetishes without showing any lack of experience or any signs of doubts.

A model that has faced softcore fetishes might be surprised by uncommon hardcore fetishes whereas performers that encountered harder fetishes might be delighted by soft core ones like smoking fetish or tickling. In such a truly judgemental society people haunt on live chat sites, in order to try to fulfill their fantasies without concerns whereas this kind of requests from them are nothing but a living proof of their desire to create a natural relationship with the performer.

From fancy lingerie to pet play or macrophilia, fetishes are running the show, and as a professional cam model you should never act in a way to inhibit your visitor, but on contrary to find effective ways to attract them and to make them your long lasting fans!  Always remember that your safeness is a priority to accomplish a new fantasy, accept your job, inform yourself and be open minded to new things.