Sex toys manufacturers took it to the next level

Sex toys manufacturers took it to the next level


Fleshlight company wanted to stand out of crowd and to innovate the manufacturing of sex toys, thus they created Fleshlight Launch. This new device is a is a fully automated robot, designed to please the users, that can perform around 180 strokes per minute. This gadget is the most recent product made in collaboration with Kiiroo; which wouldn`t the first partnership between these two companies, as they previously teamed-up to create Onyx and Pearl.

Kiiroo came with the technology side while Fleshlight brought the high-quality materials that are included in the actual masturbatory accessories. Fleshlight Launch is perfectly compatible with any Fleshlight toys for men. This device comes in two different versions, a manual and an interactive one. The manual version enables users to exert control over the frequency and the speed of the strokes, whereas the interactive one is completely hands-free and it syncs with the videos watched.

In addition, regardless of the version, it’s quite easy to assemble it, by simply connecting the Fleshlight with the Launch and applying clockwise rotating moves. A clicking noise will notify users that the devices are properly connected and ready to use.

Based on their preferences the customers can add lube and proceed to play by pressing the front button. Basically, this device can work with any water based lubricants, however, the manufacturers advise the users to avoid denser ones, as they might limit the overall gadget performance.

Users can connect to an app called FeelMe that contains a lot of porn content to choose from. Unfortunately, this platform had only a few free synced videos available at the time of testing. Thankfully PornHub has launched its own section of clips dedicated to this kind of gears, hence the possibility of picking from a large variety won’t be a challenge anymore.  

The interactive version of Fleshlight Launch can also be synchronized with a bunch of other apps, such as FeelYourLover, FeelVideos, FeelVirtualReality, FeelWebcams, or  FeelGames. Moreover, this version is compatible with VR which provide users with a more immersive experience.  

On their website, Kiiroo sells the starter Launch kit without the Fleshlight included, but they also offer promo deals, thus users can buy the device pre-packaged set for $250.