Sensitive content still allowed on Twitter

Sensitive content still allowed on Twitter


Twitter represents one of the most important platforms for social media activity, for both marketers and adult entertainers. Surprisingly, last month, Twitter updated their rules and privacy regarding the adult content, worrying thus plenty of performers.

Last week Twitter has changed their rules again and released a new set of guidelines with a regard to the media policy. Through this initiative, they changed the way of dealing with specific aspects such as hate speech and revenge porn. Hence, they want to focus their efforts on assuring less stingy and hurtful posts within the network.  

Twitter isn’t completely banning the adult content. However, according to their sources,  they are making its policies more robust around revenge porn. They also target other actions like sending photos of intimates parts of non-consensual nudity, adding as well specific examples of what is considered sensitive content and what isn’t.

Is already forbidden to add sexual content to your profile photo or header image, but explicit images are still allowed on twitter. All you have to do is to mark them as sensitive media. The sensitive media category includes content simulating sexual acts, intercourse, and full or partial nudity.

Other kinds of content such as health, educational content or artistic ones don’t require to be marked as sensitive. Quite funny, according to their new philosophy, not even breastfeeding is considered as sensitive. Yet posting threatening content with a purpose of blackmailing or publicly humiliating a person is rightfully prohibited.  

In addition, Twitter doesn`t accept by any means sexual material in paid posts and it totally prohibits this sort of behavior! A spokesman from twitter stated that they are trying to refrain advertisers from sharing unsuspecting user ads for sex toys and so. They also prevent porn platforms from promoting their new categories, on general users feed. The way it looks like, this policy of banning porn is specially addressed for advertisers.

Due to the Patreon`s shift of policies regarding the adult content, people engaged in this community were confused and worried about how their work will live online, taking in consideration that Twitter is one of the most useful platforms for social media in this field.

Not so long the account of an adult content creator Liara Roux was suspended based on the reason that she violated these guidelines. It’s worth mentioning that now her account if fully operational and that she continues to delight her audience with really hot pics.

For now, it seems that Twitter is still accepting and supporting sex workers, without threatening them with scary bans or other punitive actions. These changes of Twitter were part of a larger policy, including the expenditure of the character limit to the value of 280 for good, after a considerable period of testing.

It’s hard to exactly predict where Twitter will head to in the future regarding its policies, but one thing is sure, it can still be one of the most successful promoting channels, as long as people will use it right.