Selfies apps to enhance your photos for social media content

Selfies apps to enhance your photos for social media content


Whether you fancy it or not, taking selfies became a modern life habit. The portrayal of the iconic self-has been appearing in every news feed all over the world, quickly exploiting the increase of social media and the fast acceptance and adoption of camera-equipped smartphones.

Using the right smartphone app can make a stunning change to the selfies, which in turn can increase your posts engagements and may also lead to an audience enhancement. That`s why we created a list with some apps designed to improve and change some aspects of selfies, in order to diversify your social media posts and to improve your social media presence; benefits of which we identified a previous article.

FaceTune gives users the means to do some retouches to their self-portraits, providing them the option to whiten their teeth, remove the red-eye, redefine the jawline or even to color gray hairs, and many other functions. This app can as well blur the background just to place the user in focus. Besides these useful options, this app can let the user apply eye shadow or lipstick and other makeup. This app is available on IOS and Android devices.

Retrica features more than 100 filters, ranging from retro offerings to those designed to saturate the selfie with a neon glow, which can be in addition mixed with classic vignettes. The collage feature and the integrated timer offer you more options for taking the desired set of poses. It can be installed on both IOS and Android.

Photo Editor by Aviary offers a lot of solid after-effects for adjusting the photos, letting users design their photos with a lot of purchasable content and filters. The icing on the cake about this app is that it offers users the option to whiten the teeth and removing the flaws along with features for turning the selfies into memes( by adding a caption to the photos). Photo Editor is available both on IOS and Android devices.

YouCam Perfect was specifically designed for selfies and offers plenty of adornment tools or tips for making catchy shots. The main tools of this app allow users to take off wrinkles, to deal with dry skin or any other imperfection. At the same time, the software’s more aggressive options enable users to reshape some aspects of their body such as the eyes, nose, or even body proportions. It can be taken from the Itunes and Google Play.


Perfect365 app is used by Kardashian sisters to improve their photos. What makes this app stand out of the rest of other apps isn’t the toolset but the ability to adjust the intensity of each effect, by simply using a slider. Besides this, it has a complex mix of celebrity inspired templates and a bunch of different tools designed to help users improve their selfies. This app is available on both Itunes and Google Play stores.

We finish our list of suggestions, with a funny app designed to enhance the selfies photos,  Selfie Cam. It`s basically an app made in the Snapchat spirit, that allows users to add stickers, animated graphics on the photos and much more. Besides these options, it has a rotary style control which helps users to customise their photos with so much ease. Unfortunately, at the moment, this app can be downloaded only from iTunes, as there is no Android version available.