Saturday Night Live Skewers Chaturbate in “Espionage” Skit

Saturday Night Live Skewers Chaturbate in “Espionage” Skit


You know you’ve hit mainstream consciousness when Saturday Night Live parodies your company and Chaturbate has garnered the sardonic attention of the SNL writers with a skit aired Saturday, October 7 on the long running comedy series.

“Espionage” shows a crucial international data exchange negotiation being interrupted by the live feed of two blousy, BBW fetish divas performing crazy acts to promote tips from their online fans through a Chaturbate-esque website. Due to “technical difficulties” caused by the crossed video streams, the negotiation with a hard-edged spy goes hysterically wrong.

What are the hapless government agents to do when the payment is sent to these Chaturbate broadcasters and not to the spy that is holding the data drive? Find out by viewing the full skit at