SashaRed is the winner of the Best European Cam Model

SashaRed is the winner of the Best European Cam Model


We’ve all been excited to find out who will win this year’s cam awards at Xbiz Miami. The competition was tough, there were over 1 million votes and lots of models competing for the ultimate award.  Our very own SashaRed, part of the #girlsfromstudio20 family, won Best European Cam Model of the Year award and we couldn’t be more proud.

SashaRed has been a cam model for over 4 years now with Studio20 and she learned that with hard work, determination, ambition and help from her studio, she can achieve greatness.

“I’m honored to win the Best European Cam Model award. I finally realize what my hard works it’s all about. At this point money for me is not the most important thing. But being recognized for your work and for your passion that you have for what you do, being truly appreciated, is more important to me than any amount of money.” Said Sasha

Sasha’s hard work paid off with one of the most important titles in the camming industry, The Best European Cam Model award. And when we say hard work, we mean it. She’s been working 50 hours or more per week, she never goes on vacation more than 2 weeks per year, she is constantly trying to improve herself and her image. Now that’s what we call determination.

“ Being a cam girl and a part of this industry is not that easy. In order to be the best, you need to give your 110%. Being mostly based on appearance, I always take care of my body. I work out every day and I have a healthy diet. I invest in beauty products, in messages, in everything that will give me the body that I want and therefore the mind that I need. “ Explained Sasha.

This competition was based on her fan votes. SashaRed is active on social media, keeping connected with her fans and followers.

“I try my best to post every day on Twitter and Facebook and I take care of my baby, which is my site I upload pictures and videos, keeping it interesting. Being active on social media is known for what you do and being appreciated is one of the best perks of being a cam model. And it’s safe to say that my award is not entirely mine. I’d like to say thank you to all of you out there, my followers, my fans, my friends for voting for me. The Best European Cam Model award is yours as well as it is mine. “

We have no doubt that SashaRed deserves her title. Being one of the top models on LiveJasmin, she is indeed the Best European Cam Model out there, with income that are well over $10.000, with appearances to die for, amazing social media skills and an amazing charisma.

You can follow her here, like her page for more: and join her site

Congratulation SashaRed for winning Best European Cam Model!