Only a few people know these things. Learn how to be a...

Only a few people know these things. Learn how to be a sex master.


This is for you, gentlemen, and for that dream of yours that might not have come true yet! You want her to be yours for many years, you want her to think and to dream about you day and night, but you don’t really have a clue about how to do it, or maybe all your techniques didn’t work out as you thought it would. Well, here is what you need to do! pointed at the most important things you can do to become your women’s God. Before we start it must be said that the confidence you show in everything you do and in every move you make is vital. So be confident! Show that you know what you want and where you are heading to.
Now…when preparing an unforgettable night, start from the morning. Text her from time to time and arouse her with kinky messages. You can talk about how sexy she is, how much you want her or about the night that awaits you. Don’t forget to be a gentleman the whole time! Buy some wine or champagne and light some candles. Go and pick her up, if you are going to your place and once you are at home, take her to the bedroom gently. You can now whisper naughty things to her ear. Kiss her entire body from head to toe, but remember to avoid the hot areas at the beginning. When she’s really turned on, you can start to do the thing.
You can always use dirty words, but choose them wisely. It’s important to make her feel she is beautiful and sexy, that you appreciate her techniques in bed and that you want her badly. (“I want so bad to get inside of you right now” – could be an idea)
Astroglide suggests an improved version of the breathe kisses. All you have to do is to lube her inner thighs with your fingertips and then “keep your strokes as soft and slow as possible as you allow the anticipation to build. Lower your head between her thighs and breathe kisses all over her wet thighs without allowing your lips to touch the surface of her skin”, Astroglide Resident Sexologist, doctor Jess, suggests.
One of the most important and complex spots of a women’s body is her clitoris and you have to be aware about all it secrets. Maybe you didn’t know but it includes many parts, not only the head. It also includes legs, bulbs, a shaft and a foreskin. “Stroke the entire vulva with a few wet fingers or massage the lower part of the pubic mound with a wet hand to stimulate the shaft”, is doctor Jess’s suggestion for this sweet area.