Online harassment in a cam model’s life

Online harassment in a cam model’s life


Cyber harassment happens when mean intended people use the information and communications technology (ICT) to harass, manipulate, control or commonly defame an adult, child, business or group without an implied threat of physical harm. Comparing with physical harassment which involves a face-to-face contact, cyber-harassment is a sexual, emotional or verbal abuse of a person mediated by ICT means.  

Nowadays, the online harassment is one of the most encountered issues in the adult entertainment, including the live cam biz. Online harassment has many forms, ranging from gender harassment to sexual coercion, and many distribution channels including email, phone calls, instant messaging or spamming.  Regardless of the form or the channel, its effects can be very devastating for some people. For instance insults, threats and rude behavior of customers affect the efficiency and the mood of performers, leading to massive burnouts or bad earnings. Even worse, after experiencing this kind of treatment, some models decide to quit. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to fight back against these internet trolls.

An important step for fighting back this matter is to state what you like to do and what you don’t. The information that you want to send to the customers has to be clear and precise, without vague specification about your limits. You mustn’t haggle with anybody about your rules and you should never suggest that there is any chance to meet your customers in real life. Of course, besides understanding your sexual willingness, your fans should also get information regarding the things that make feel happy or satisfied.  

Besides making your own rules, another method to empower yourself is to use blocking policy when the case asks for it. Using such tools will help you to moderate the presence of unwanted persons in your room, and will help you avoid a large series of uncanny situations. Moreover, you should try to act like a mature person without getting into fights with the harassers. Having a rough conversation or a fight, witnessed by other people will put you in a bad light and it will decrease the prospect of attracting new fans. Most of the people may encounter feelings of anger and frustration after having faced a harassment. It may also happen for you to experience guilt by thinking that you were too mean or harsh, for instance. In any of the cases, these feelings will massively decrease your performance, as focusing on negative things will only suck out the energy.

Don’t fall into the trap of accepting any sorts of blackmails from less decent guys. Some guys, for example, may claim to have spicy pics or clips of you. Don’t listen to them and don’t provide the free benefits they are looking for. In this case, all you have to do is to check the database of members to see if that person really had a private chat with you and to continuously take a look on tube site. As it will turn out, in most of the cases they just bluff. Even in the worst scenario ever, you can remove all the naughty materials from the internet by filing some reports.

Girls are more often targeted with hateful commentary, gendered slurs, and pornographic content manipulation because of the objectification and dehumanization of women by the society. Even in our modern times, some people still have the impression that women are some sort of entertainment tools and they can do what they want with them. Under these circumstances, it becomes our common moral duty to empower women, to help them overcome terrible situations and to condemn all the people who make use of such ridiculous practices.