One of the cool, fresh features of Chaturbate…

One of the cool, fresh features of Chaturbate…


One of the cool, fresh features of Chaturbate is the Apps section, where performers can download add-ons to their chat rooms, making them more fun and interactive.

The open source app market of Chaturbate encourages members and models alike, to improve the site together. Anyone who knows javascript, can create his own app, or can even copy existing ones and modify them to his needs.

It is quite impressive, how creative some creators got, as they insert entirely new features into the chat applet. Bottle spinning, slots machine, 21, you name it. Some go more practical with apps resetting goals, or some even allow you to create multiple goals, so members can compete which goal they want to go for. Beside apps, performers can have multiple bots running at once along with your chosen app. The bots are a different type of app that serve the purpose of the chat room but with less functions. A room can run many bots made to be fit for every performer style

Of course most of the apps aim for making models earn more money, and actually each app is ranked by how much extra tokens the models got with them. Also it is a great way to deepen relationships between models and members as some of the apps are written custom for one given performer.

Overall it is a very interesting concept and for sure, something that makes the community more colorful and united. In case you have not done before, go ahead and check out their apps and pick the one of your liking.