No stigma being a cam model

No stigma being a cam model


Unfortunately, even nowadays our society still has a hidebound regarding the adult industry.  In a century of personal and technological development, people shouldn’t  try their best to conform to social norms or expectations. However, individuals still tend to follow unwritten rules or even worse, they still confront with prejudices and discrimination, which is basically the definition of social stigma.

The euphemism for prostitution became lately, sex work which covers, in the end, a broad category that deals with any trade of sexual services for compensations or money, including the online activities such as camming. Currently, the webcam modeling is a well-known branch of the adult industry that appears a lot in all sorts of media, which in return intensively influences the way people perceive sex work in general.

Despite the progress that society is encountering, many people are not yet open to accept any form of sex work as a viable career path. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, there is a large number of models, regardless of their gender, who built glorious careers in this line of work and earned fabulous amounts of money, by simply doing what they really enjoy. The whole point is concentrated around the idea of not being ashamed of what you do for a living.

When we refer to successful webcam models, we picture brave entrepreneurs who took advantage of an awesome opportunity. Although it can sound very sad, sometimes this “awesome opportunity” can be ruined by a stigma implemented by the society. Thus every cam model has to decide how to approach this issue. The basic options are not caring about what others say and playing it safe. Not caring about what other people think is the best approach, giving you inner confidence and a strong feeling of empowerment.

The basic idea is that being a cam performer is just like any other profession, that differentially involves having a hot time in front of the camera. Although in the 21st century, many people watch porn, some of them are very judgemental with the adult entertainers, stigmatizing them as much as they can.

Opponents of the adult industry still continue to rise up different problems and to compare all sex work activities to rape, human trafficking or sexist exploitation. These persons seem unable to understand that women choose to become cam models for the same reasons other people go for regular jobs, like a safe income, a certain schedule or simply because of a huge passion for a specific activity.

Society seems to assert this weird notion that all cam models and porn stars must be coerced or exploited whereas other people my label adult entertainers as people without self-esteem or without a certain future. This is a dangerous and narrow-minded thinking which can have such a bad influence over people who are thinking to pursue a long career in a non-standard industry.

People who decide to perform sexy scenes in front of the camera are characterized by courage, ambition, and romanticism, but also they have a huge high sense of empathy and a strong desire to communicate with several unknown individual. Just because this job isn’t tailored for anybody, it doesn’t mean somebody else cannot practice it with desire, emotions and commitment. Hence, the society has to understand that every woman deserves the autonomy to choose the profession that she finds it suitable for her.

It basically becomes our moral duty to promote the positive aspects of the cam biz such as independence, free will and the need for communication and feelings exchange, and in the same time to help this honest industry to obtain a better well-deserved image!


  1. A similar stigma is also carried by the male performers. People are eager to judge what they don’t know. Just because I choose to do this job this doesn’t make me a victim nor God knows what freak.

  2. Unfortunately this stigma will most likely be vivid for some more years… The taboos concerning sexuality, and the constant links between sexwork and human trafficking make it almost impossible for our society to see our job as “normal”
    But we are also partly responsible: how many decide not to declare the incomes not to pay taxes, making it an illegal activity? Also, are we never judging those who do the same job, but differently (non nude vs nude, premium vs freemium, camming vs clip selling…)?
    Obviously there is no shame in being a cam model! Let’s all do our best not o give any reason to people to keep on thinking that this is not a “serious job”

  3. No stigma being a cam model, all the contrary!
    You can be proud of making a good living, out of an activity that you enjoy, and where your main objective is to make people happy! Most of those who will be judging you actually wish they could say the same of their job…

  4. And from our very short short experience in videochat with male models, I would tend to agree with Milo: camboys tend to be judged harshly and need a lot of self confidence to keep on performing.

  5. I go with Macumbajoy that there shouldn’t be any stigma. Neither for the work on cam nor for people enjoying it. It is communication without boundaries (countries as well internal) that addresses needs of the societies. Unfortunately it will still take some years till it will be an all accepted work everywhere.
    Where do you have the chance to exchange passion, emotions, thoughts about sexuality as easy and in a safe way like in camming? The social aspect of this is often not seen. As cammodel you give a service, not even rare with an education part about accepting others how they are – regardless their nationality or race and their needs.
    I know there is much more to write about the social impacts camming has. So I hope it will be covered in one of the next articles. Thanks to the author to bring this up.

  6. There is a lot of hate nowadays. It’s very easy to judge what you don’t understand. You feel trapped and frustrated because there’s nothing you can do. Not right away anyway. Things will change but it will take time.

  7. Putting aside everything that is being said about cam model, I can truly say that I love this job and it has given me many opportunities to develop on so many levels.