Nikki Night – Cam4 Interview

Nikki Night – Cam4 Interview


Nikki Night is one of the iconic faces of the live cam industry. Cam4’s performer trainer is a clever, funny and eccentric person with years of experience and the will to help cam girls who wish to improve their performance.


AW News: First of all, let us thank you for taking this interview. In the prologue we called you iconic. Do you agree with us on this?

Nikki Night: I am always down to show love and support for the AWSummit, and you flatter me with that title! I don’t know if I would call myself iconic, but the role of Nikki is defiantly iconic.

AW News: Could you tell us a bit about your career? How did you end up to be the face of one of the best known cam sites?

Nikki Night: I had been camming for a little over 2 years, when I got a call from my sister telling me that she heard about this crazy porn job I might be interested in. At first she was scared that it was not real and that I would be sold into slavery because she had never heard of such a position. I thought ‘screw it’ not all dream job opportunities can be fake. So I passed on my email address for them to contact me and the rest is history.

AW News: Training models or even cam studios is one thing that cam sites definitely should put effort into. In your opinion what is that Cam4 does better than its competitors in this regard?

Nikki Night: We are the only cam site to have live coaching and training that is offered in 8 languages, which includes coaching for male performers in English and French. Each region also has a dedicated CAM4 performer manager that can be contacted personally by email, twitter, or even live on the site. Our Performer Training Area is full of training articles and videos performers can access 24/7.

A.N: The best approach perhaps in educating cam girls is to be entertaining but informative at the same time. What is the most challenging part of this task?

N.N: The trick is to be entertaining while you are giving explanations and examples on your topics. It’s easy to get off track when you are having fun, so it helps to have fun props ready to go for your demos. That way you have a visual reminder right in front of you that you have to keep going with the lesson

A.N : We asked you a bit earlier about career. Do you have any future plans in the industry regarding trying new projects?

N.N: I am right where I want to be I feel like I still have so much more I would like to accomplish in this role that the thought of moving on is light years away.

A.N: AWAwards 2017 will have the honour to welcome you as one of its gala hosts, your partner will be Thomas from PlugRush. For sure you will be involved in the planning phase of the show. Do you have any ideas, input already about how would you do the gala better, more interesting than last years’ editions?

N.N: Last year’s hosts (Douglas & Little Red Bunny) did an amazing job, so I don’t think this year is about making the show more interesting, it’s about bringing the same level of creativity as they did to this year’s show. I have to say that you couldn’t have chosen a better partner for me to host the show with than Thomas. I met him for the first time at last year’s AWSummit and he was instantly my #1 bb. I’m going to get him drunk and have him do “research” on what it’s like to be a camboy (I will be coaching and guiding him the whole time of course). I’m sure he will want to share his experiences with everyone during the AWAwards.

A.N: Finally, as in Romania most girls work from live cam studios, what would be your single best advice to people who run these studios?

N.N: Respect where your money comes from!


  1. Yes, respect your members! Create a bond with them! A true and real bond! Not a fake one based on words threw at the camera without any meaning and without any emotion!