NightProwl Studio Strengthens Partnership with Jasmin

NightProwl Studio Strengthens Partnership with Jasmin


Galati, Ro: NightProwl Studio, the only certified studio in town, has recently received an exclusive visit from Jasmin’s Account Manager, Frunzsina Csejtei.

NightProwl Studio and Jasmin have quite a long history together, enjoying a mutual delightful collaboration for many years.  Also, last year, in December, NightProwl Studio proudly celebrated one year of Jasmin certification, being at that time one of the fewest studios in the world to hold such status, without any contract terminations and restorations.

It was the first visit of the account manager, Fruzsina Csejtei, to Galati and implicitly at NightProwl Studio. During her visit, she had the chance to meet the entire studio staff, from admins to management or models. It was also a good opportunity to see how a normal working day in the studio looks like.  At the same time, the staff had the privilege to analyze models activity side by side with Fruzsina.

During a private meeting with the admin team, she offered her expertise in training strategies and provided them with useful insights and ways to maximize all the site’s features. Nevertheless, since she took advantage of this visit to talk and share ideas with every model, from the most experimented ones to the newbies.

On the last day, there was organized a conference, where every member of NightProwl Studio was present. The main purpose was to highlight new sustainable development strategies. It wasn’t only a simple presentation but more likely a roundtable discussion, which engaged all of the parties being present. Besides highlighting new ways to strengthen the partnership, there have been identified the positive aspects; or the ones which needed some improvements for every model. At the same time, the girls took advantage of this meeting to raise questions on how to improve the overall performance.

#RealGirlswithRealEmotions, took the feedback with professionalism, welcomed the suggestions but also released a huge dose of awesomeness and craziness during a bowling tournament, which followed the conference. While the night ended with a lovely dinner in a nice restaurant, Fruzsina enjoying thus the famous Romanian hospitality till the end of her visit.

Sorin P: “For our studio, this was more than a visit, it was a chance to prove that our business relation with Jasmin gets stronger and we still have a lot to prove in the adult industry.”

Fruzsina C: “As I see, NighProwl Studio combines successfully the professionalism with family values creating a wonderful atmosphere while holding up Jasmin high-level expectations.”