NightProwl Studio celebrates one year of Jasmin certification

NightProwl Studio celebrates one year of Jasmin certification


Galati, Romania: One year ago, NightProwl Studio proudly announced a new partnership with the leading camsite LiveJasmin. The studio representatives stated back then that “it is a great honor to be the first certified studio in Galati and one of the fewest in the world!” In addition, they were completely overwhelmed to be included in a selected circle of studios and entrepreneurs.

Since then, NightProwl Studio has become an important advocate of the “life in red” philosophy, which represents the slogan of LiveJasmin company. From management to models, everyone involved in the studio greatly welcomed the opportunity of this new arrangement and expected a very long lasting business partnership.  

The performers were thrilled to work exclusively with LiveJasmin, as this giant site is perceived as the most stable, innovative and visited by a broad range of users live-cam platform worldwide. Consequently, certain sessions of training conducted in Luxembourg and Budapest were happily embraced by the models, in order to fully maximize all the site features and to become the ultimate online hosts!

Besides the training sessions, NightProwl Studio’s management encouraged and supported some of its performers to attend international events and conferences, and to play the role of brand ambassadors for Jasmin company. Therefore, highlighting once again the strong partnership between the aforementioned companies. One specific example is represented by the presence at the Xbiz Conference, which took place in Miami at the ending of May. At that time the models were involved in plenty of the branding activities, like pool networking or specific parties, wearing with so much proud red branded garments within the confines of Miami.  Another notable one is represented by the participation to the Life in Red party, during the second day of AWSummit, when all the performers entered the club wearing red clothes, surprising and delighting thus a large number of LiveJasmin’s staff. Even though there wasn’t a strict dress code that night, NightProwl performers made plenty of the participants believe that red is the new black!

The ”Life in Red” spirit has gotten deep roots within NightProwl Studio, hence making this one looking like a pure reflection of the original company. For example, during this winter holidays, the entire studio was enriched with red colored decorations and lightings, as a token of respect for the entire partnership. As it seems, the studio will celebrate a rather original Christmas this year, having the ”Life in Red” concept as the main theme. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that during the Xmas party, NightProwl will also celebrate one year since the certification.The studio sees red as the warmest color, therefore mixing Secret Santa with the “Life in Red” philosophy looks like a very legit idea, as both of them represent really good sources of enthusiasm and joy for the performers.  

NightProwl Studio has remained consistent with Jasmin’s core values and as a consequence, it is one of the few studios in the world which has retained the certified status without any contract terminations and restorations. Consequently due to its high standards of quality, loyalty towards partners and proactive management strategies, NightProwl has remained until this day the only certified studio in Galati!