New exciting moisturizers from California Fantasies

New exciting moisturizers from California Fantasies


Euphoric XXX Glide Moisturizers from California Fantasies are the latest products of personal lubricants made after high pharmaceutical standards. According to a company rep, it comes in three different viscosities – Slide, Slip, and Silk.

Slide formula is preferred especially by those who prefer light lubrication. By being soft and silk, it offers an extra comfort during your intercourse. Slip is perfect for those who need a little extra lubrication to increase pleasure, by experiencing its thick specific moisturizers. Last but not least, Silk is perfect for extra-long sessions and it helps you to extend your playtime. It is a proper choice for anal sex since it provides the creamiest and thickest lubrication.

The new collection Euphoric XXX Glide Moisturizers are water-based, condom safe, compatible with all toy materials and washes off easily with water.

All three are available in 17fl.oz pump bottles.

If you need more information about Slide, Slip and Silk visit or send an email order@corpcontact.