NEW B2C Adult Industry Event EDUSEX 2017 (from creators of LALEXPO)

NEW B2C Adult Industry Event EDUSEX 2017 (from creators of LALEXPO)



The creators of the greatest adult entertainment event in Latin America, LALEXPO, announce yet another must-attend industry event EDUSEX 2017 centered on the sexual health, education, and toy industry.

The event will take place on July 13th 2017 (the day after LALEXPO) in the same venue Cartegena de Indias Convention Center.

EDUSEX 2017 is focused on consumers and registration for everyone is FREE. It will be the first event in South and Central America dedicated to sexual health and education. It is sure to be a fun and informative day of networking for adult toys and novelties companies, physical fitness conditioning companies, erotic boutiques, social and cultural movements, and anyone who cares about the health and sex education of sexually active people around the world.

EDUSEX 2017 is the sister event and could be seen as an extension of, LALEXPO. Everyone who comes to LALEXPO this year should stick around for EDUSEX since there will be a new crowd of attendees and sponsors that they can network with. Attendees will have information, samples and training about the latest creations and technological innovations of adult toys, as well as, companies focused on the care, pleasure, and aesthetics of the body. Both attendees and sponsors will enjoy this event that promises to become one of the main b2c shows for sexual health, education, and the toy industry. (LALEXPO is the premiere b2b adult industry event in Latin America but EDUSEX is a b2c show focused on consumers, making them a perfect pairing).

“We teamed up with SALA SENTIDOS to organize this sensational event. Sala Sentidos is an art collective that strives to change the taboos, prejudices, and barriers that surround our society and promote eroticism through art and culture”, Said organizers.

EDUSEX 2017 Is a great opportunity for companies looking to reach out to consumers in Latin America (especially consumers of sex toys and novelties). “By scheduling LALEXPO and EDUSEX back to back, we are giving sponsors and attendees, even more, networking and business opportunities. Both events are must-attend because they are not only the best shows of their kind in Latin America, they are the only shows of their kind”

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  1. Very interesting. Everyone should know about this issues. Each model (and not only) should be on top of the game when it comes to sexual health, education & toy industry.