merges into LiveJasmin merges into LiveJasmin


As recently announced, their website will be merged into LiveJasmin’s system from 1 December 2016. The two sites were created by the same company, but NeedLive is a smaller,very familiar community.

Based on the information provided on NeedLive’s FAQ site, it is most likely that it will be formed into a LiveJasmin white label site, therefore same rules, requirements, commissions, etc. will be applied as on

In case you are currently working on, you should pay attention to a few details regarding the migration. First, all your bonus credits and free minutes will become void after the transition, so they must be used until 30 November. Every pending payment will be transferred, even if you are below the $100 limit, but in this case, only if you request it until 90 days from 1 December.

After the site is done with the transition, you must create a new account on Pay attention, that even if the two sites have very similar rules and functions, photo and video requirements are much higher on the new brand, so we suggest you consult with LiveJasmin’s support.

For more information, check out NeedLive’s FAQ on the matter.