Mom, dad, I’m a cam girl !

Mom, dad, I’m a cam girl !


What would you do when your parents and friends find out that you are a cam model?
Well, for this to never happen, you should tell them from the start, when the first thought of doing it crosses your mind, so you would avoid the panic and to also give them the news in your own terms.
So let’s say you’re just thinking about becoming a cam model.
You should have a discussion with them, sit them down and explain what a cam girl actually does.

They will have loads of questions so be prepared. Here are some of the most common ones:

Q: Is it legal?

A: Yes, it is, you have a work contract, pension fund (if you decide to work legally and you should).

Q: Are you meeting these people in real life?

A: Your answer should be NO, NEVER.

Q: Do people pay you for sex?

A: Again, the answer is “NO”; You do not meet these people in real life so no real connection will be made.

Q: If you are camming from home, they will know where you live and try to find you?

A: No, because you are not allowed by the sites to give out personal information like addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. (It’s the same if you work from a cam studio)

Q: You’ll stay in front of a camera naked all the time?

A: No, you will be wearing normal clothes, only the private shows MIGHT require nudity but that’s not something mandatory.

Q: So you’ll be at the member’s desires, do what he wants when he wants it?

A: Hell no! You will do whatever you want, on your own terms, in your own way, but with class and sass.

Q: What if anyone from our community sees you there?

A: Well, depending on how often someone enters a camsite, you would have as many questions about him being there as he would have for you.. so it’s a silent understanding that none of you will say something about this 😝

Q: Are you going to have sex on cam?

A: That will happen only if you chose to cam as a couple with your bf/gf. Otherwise, it’s just you alone.

This would be a good way of letting them know, before you do it, so you don’t have any damage control to do.
The not so good way to handle it is when they find out from somewhere that you are a cam girl
So this is what you must do:

  • Confront them. Don’t run and hide. You are a mature independent woman and you make money from camming. You know what you do and you are not ashamed of it.
    Own it.
  • Listen to them, let them scream. They don’t understand what your job is about.
    Don’t yell back.
  • Explain what you do… Easy! Anticipate their questions!
  • Show them the contract so they know for sure it’s legal.
  • Show them the money… Really! Show them how much you earn so they don’t think it’s a scam.
  • Give them time. It’s hard when you are confronted with a news like this about a taboo subject in our society. They will come around eventually.

We’ll talk about how to tell your boyfriend in another article 😉

-Andra Chirnogeanu-

PR Manager Studio20

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  1. Go, Andra, go! Another excellent article!
    It’s not always easy to discuss these decisions with your family but you need to. Otherwise you will develop a lack of confidence that can affect your work. A model supports communication so it’s only fair to be open about her job with the parents.

  2. This is an artice addressing an always hot topic. Of cause it is better to tell family and friends about the camgirl job. The reality is mostly diffenrent and it is not told about at all. It really depends on how “modern” a family think or how much the money supports the family. But waving the money in front of them does not look as an good idea to me. Well this is maybe depending on the country you live in. .

  3. Interesting article Andra (as always), but not all the families are as open minded as the one you describe in this article….
    I wish a simple “yes this is legal, no I am not forced to do anything, yes it is safe” would be enough to erase years of taboos and wrong information on TV!
    But if we do not start to change people’s mind about our job, then it will never happen, so once again thumbs up for your article!

  4. I agree with TommySilver: it is always better to tell family and friends, but reality could be that they are not so understanding and supportive as you could wish.
    I have known a girl who had to quit after telling her family, as it ended up being a situation too complicated to handle and she had to choose between her job and her family….
    Be proud of what you do, but make sure that the persons you talk with are open minded enough!

  5. Everyone makes his or her own choices in life. It’s very painful for a somebody to be put in the situation to choose between job and family. It’s sad.