Meet the #girlsfromstudio20

Meet the #girlsfromstudio20



20 from #girlsfromstudio20

Zodiac sign and why

Libra because I think life is all about balance.

Favorite alcoholic drink


Favorite exercise

I know you expected me to say sex but I like squats just as much :))

Fur or leather?

Of course fur. Because I’m a feline.

The favorite way of getting dirty

Sweating at the gym, dancing and not only …

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Chocolate. Always!

Favorite sex toy?

Beta toy slaves and my massage device.. It works for everything

Worst pick up line?

We shot a video with this theme when we were doing LA Girls. Got a lot of bad ones but I think this one is funny: Your breasts look like Mount Rushmore- my face should be among them

Best workout exercise

Sex, squats, and crunches…

A lot of people say blondes have more fun, did you change your hair color because you were having too much fun?

Yeah and that gentlemen prefer blondes but I also heard that only for a one night stand, so .. there’s your answer.

What’s one thing that frustrates you to the point of crazy?

Hmm, I learned not to get frustrated with things I cannot change but in general, I think a dirty space and people that don’t take care of themselves spiritually, mentally, physically and, of course, professionally and don’t learn how to enjoy life to its full potential.

Speaking of crazy, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Well, I did one or two crazy things which are better to  be kept secret but a funny one I can say here is when I was in a safari in Kenya in a National Park and got out of the car because I saw a river and I wanted to take a swim and after I jumped in the water a big hippo came out and made me realise where I was .

Do you want children?

Yes, two.

What do you like about being a cam girl?

I’m fascinated how many new things I’m learning every day, about fetishes, different cultures. It’s a new challenge every time I log in.

How does a perfect day look like for you?

A sunny day in Bora Bora, working out outside, doing yoga on the grass, enjoying the day at the beach, some scuba diving, in the evening dinner&dance, cocktails &great sex after 🙂

Favorite song to tease on?

I live on YouTube, have hundreds of videos that I like from Marvin Gaye to Tool, Etta James or Jhene Aiko.

Last book you’ve read and what did you like about it?

It’s called „ Suck it, Andrew!”. A funny and kinky love story. A guy trying to forget his girl by having unusual adventures. But in reality, he’s not looking for someone else. His search is about finding his own self. And every time he finds himself in a new person.

Introvert or extrovert?

Depends on the situation, I learned it’s good to speak but in certain moments it’s better to keep your mouth shut and not draw any attention to yourself.

Fondest childhood memory?

Climbing on top of the cherry trees in my grandma’s garden to see the sunset

Message for your fans

 Love ya!

Twitter: @evadevineoff