Meet the #girlsfromstudio20

Meet the #girlsfromstudio20



Ava Mistique

20 from #girlsfromstudio20

Zodiac sign and why?

Aries: because we are funny, we smart, we loyal

Favorite alcoholic drink

Prosecco – because they didn’t invent something better

Cats or dogs and why?

Cats – they’re similar to every woman: they like being spoiled, they sleep as much as they want, they go wherever they want and like to be pet whenever they want.

Fur or leather?

Leather all day, everyday.

The favorite way of getting dirty

Dinner in a restaurant…best footjobs ever

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Chocolate matches better with my skin tone

Favorite sex toy

Buttplug and Noraaaaaaaaaa

Worst pick up line?

Did it hurt when you fell down from Heaven?

Do you believe in aliens?

Yep, I see them every day.

How was it to get your nipple pierced and what other places do you want to get pierced?

Super exciting, and if it feels this good on my nip why not try it on my “kitty” as well

What’s one thing that frustrates you to the point of crazy?

Men, always! :))

Speaking of crazy, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Called my boyfriend to rush in coming home and surprised me having sex with another girl!

Kids or animals?

Animals…they never learn how to speak.

What do you like about being a cam girl?

The diversity, expressing myself and my sexuality freely and without being judged

How does a perfect day look like for you?

Perfect, if my hair stays the way I put it.

Favorite song to tease on?

Marilyn Manson – kill4me

Last book you’ve read and what you liked about it

I only read erotic novels…hence the EROTIC. It was called Beautiful Disaster… Guys better be ready when I come online.

Why did you change your hair color from the blonde?

Cause silly blonde Ava wasn’t as fun as silly brunette Ava…people truly don’t take blonds too seriously tho’

Fondest childhood memory

Blaming everything on my little brother

Message for your fans

Wish them all the love and joy! Being super grateful for their support and for keeping my sexy body in shape! Lots of love!