Meet the #girlsfromstudio20

Meet the #girlsfromstudio20



20 from #girlsfromstudio20

Zodiac sign and why

Scorpio, because we’re the best lovers, obviously. I won’t start to mention about being charming, sharp, smart and so on.

Favorite alcoholic drink

– Red wine, Italian. Yumm yumm

You have 2 amazing dogs. Who’s your choise between Noel and Yumma?

-I would never choose. I love them both

Fur or leather?

– Depends for what .. I guess leather.

Favorite way of getting dirty

–  This info costs, sorry. But if I were to choose one thing, it would be cleaning the house, lol.

Vanilla or Chocolate?

– Vanilla

Favorite sex toy

– Does a natural dick count?

Worst pick up line

– Did it hurt when you fell from the sky ?

How many tattoos do you have and where?

-uhm all over my body… wrists, ribs, back, hip, foot, finger – middle finger:)

You just had your boobies done and they look out of this world. Do you find yourself touching them all the time?

– I was touching them before surgery too, so yeah, it’s a habit 🙂 they feel good, so yes, I’m touching them all the time.

What’s one thing that frustrates you to the point of crazy?

– I don’t get frustrated that easy but I can tell you what annoys me and that’s fake people.

Speaking of crazy, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

– Sex on the balcony at 9 am.

Do you want children?

– Yes, I love kids.

What do you like about being a cam girl?

– I wonder what you wanna hear now.. 🙂 freedom of expressing my thoughts and also the fact that every day is a new journey… it’s the same as with books, you know?

How does a perfect day look like for you?

– Ha, ha, ha! good one! Sleeping till noon, pet my dogs, drinking red wine or a road trip.

Favorite song to tease on?

– Massive attack – Angel

Last book you’ve read and what you liked about it?

– “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind. I loved the message sent by the writer behind the sick story.

Introvert or extrovert?

– Introvert in real life, extrovert on cam.

Fondest childhood memory?

– Easter holiday.

Message for your fans.

– If there is something they need to know is that I’m grateful to have them around all these years:) and oh, I also need to thank them for liking me the way I am…

Twitter: @Rebecca000LJ