Macumba Joy Studio opens again in Brasov

Macumba Joy Studio opens again in Brasov


When the studio Macumba Joy had to close last june, this was sad news for the camming community of Brasov… especially for Anja, a model who had started her career in this studio, before becoming a successful independent model. But she also saw it as a great opportunity to realize one of her dream: to start a videochat studio made by cam girls, for camgirls!

“Since I started as an independent model, I’ve been missing many great aspects of a studio: the complicity with the other girls, all the administrative help, and the fun we were having. So I thought this would be great to have a place that would combine the advantages of a studio and those of being independent” says Anja. “Frankly, I didn’t plan to start this project so early as I still want to focus on my career as a camgirl, but I found a partner who shares my view of a studio and we decided to take the opportunity.”

Macumba Joy will keep all the features that made it the most known studio in Brasov: a classy place in a discreet location, a relaxed atmosphere, high standards… But some important changes have been done, as the management wants to implement a new concept.

“ We do not want the girls to work for us, we want the studio to help the models to become happy and successful camgirls. This is our philosophy at Macumba Joy, and we strongly believe that this is the future of the videochat studios in Romania” explains Luis, the studio manager. “For instance, at Macumba Joy we do not have mandatory shifts. Girls have a room booked, and they can go to work whenever they want thanks to our securized access with magnetic card”.

With the space for 30 models, its high standards, and its new concept, Macumba Joy is attracting a lot of attention among the actors of the videochat industry in Brasov, and not only. “This is a bit overwhelming to see that my idea of a studio made for the camgirls is causing so many reactions. But when I see that the girls who already started with us are happy, I know that this was the right decision” confesses Anja.

Macumba Joy’s slogan is “Probably the best studio in town”. We can’t say if this is true, but one thing is sure: they will do everything to make it reality!