LittleRedBunny Academy Makes First Official Tour in Romania

LittleRedBunny Academy Makes First Official Tour in Romania


LittleRedBunny, one of the most awarded and recognized cam models in the adult industry, will be making her first official trip to Romania under the banner of her LittleRedBunny Academy in May and June of this year. Her Academy, which officially launched at LALExpo in Cali, Colombia in July 2017, offers unique and tailored services for studios and models to improve performance, productivity and motivation.

“I’m always happy to visit Romania each year, and it was in Romania where I visited my very first cam model studio, so I think it’s fitting I schedule my first official Academy tour working with studios there,” LittleRedBunny said. “I have so many good friendships with studio owners, models and the staff there already that I’m really excited to start bringing a new dynamic to the already existing relationship I have with them.”

LittleRedBunny’s Academy takes her more than nine years of camming experience, knowledge of platform operations, strong work ethic and her psychological approach to bring a unique and proven method to coaching studios and cam models.

“I really respect the cam studios and how they structure their business and support the models.” LittleRedBunny added. “The Academy is not to try to tell them how to run their studios or train their models. My approach is more focused on joining forces with studios to give them additional tools, motivational styles and the psychological factors of retaining new models and reinvigorating veteran models. Additionally, with this psychological approach, I really want to make everyone happier in their jobs, create strong relationships and communication between models and their visitors, as well as between models, trainers, and owners to help stimulate and increase long-term success. I think, with my experience, paired with the knowledge I’ve gained while working and interacting with so many great people in this industry, my insight and involvement can be very beneficial for those who take part in my Academy.”

Indications so far from those who have taken part in the Academy have been very optimistic, a trend LittleRedBunny wants to continue on her upcoming trip to Romania.

“It’s been very exciting to see the positive results and feedback I’ve already had from the models and studios who have been working with my Academy, and I can’t wait to see how this trip to Romania will add to the great interaction and friendships I’ve already built so far,” LittleRedBunny said. “I did not have the easiest road to get to where I am now in this industry, but if my Academy can help others overcome the early obstacles that can come with camming, I’m more than happy to help them out.”

Services offered by the LittleRedBunny Academy individually tailored for in-person visits for studios and models include:

  • Simple visit
  • Recorded, documented studio visits for Internal and External publication (professionally recorded and edited to be published after studio approval)
  • Private Consultations with owners, managers, trainers and models
  • Motivational Presentations and discussions
  • Tea & Talk with Models (Q&A Round Table)
  • Training and Coaching (Models, Trainers)
  • Customized packages with any combination of all services that suits needs of studios

Studios who are interested in booking LittleRedBunny for a visit, consultation, or any of her Academy services should contact LittleRedAcademyPR@gmail for more details and availability of her schedule.

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