Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites

Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites


This March, at the TES Affiliate Conferences held in Lisbon, UniK SEO (a full service SEO agency based in Lisbon) presented a seminar about Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites. One of UniK’s specializations is Adult SEO. On this ocasion, the CEO of Unik SEO, Grégoire Lacan, hosted a seminar about Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites. He showed how to develop strategies for increasing the online traffic and ranking results, having a positive impact on the ROI for adult businesses.

The adult websites require a completely different marketing approach than the typical mainstream businesses. One of the most important elements is link building, something very useful for webmasters and websites’ owners.

Link building for adult websites needs a few SEO strategies. And there are quite a lot of niches with high competition in the adult businesses. One of the keys is to make use of opportunities and focus on less competitive niches. There are new markets rising, it is the case for virtual reality. According to search, it is estimated that VR porn should be a $1 billion business by the year 2025, which makes it an investment of great potential for adult businesses.

As a website owner,you should make sure your website is working properly. For instance, in terms of speed, indexation, having an SSL certificate (HTTPS domain) and a responsive mobile version. Otherwise, if the website is not properly optimized, link building strategies won’t be able to lead to the results you’re looking for.

It is also important to consider the backlinks’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are characteristics such as the Link Location, the Domain Authority of the website they are placed on, the fact that your backlink is placed within a related niche site, the percentage of organic traffic, etc. It is important to keep track of the link building strategies’ performance to be able to adjust it according to results.

A free PDF document, including a complete list of free tools that you can use for Backlinks KPIs, Technical SEO and On Page SEO, may be found here: