License revoked from ‘bikini barista’ coffee shop

License revoked from ‘bikini barista’ coffee shop


At a recent meeting of the city council members in American Canyon, they voted unanimously to revoke a license granted to Bottoms Up Espresso, after critics argued that the “bikini barista” coffee shop was operating more like an adult business than a café. The coffee shop, has many locations in the Bay Area, originally secured its American Canyon location in December, according to SF Gate.

The officials claim they received complaints from the citizens about the outfits of the employees following the store’s opening.

According to the SF Gate, the city’s municipal code also requires workers to cover specific “anatomical areas” of the body, including the buttocks, the pubic area, and the breasts below the areola. Otherwise, it may be classified as an adult entertainment establishment.

The owner of Bottoms Up, Nate Wilson, told Fox News he felt the “city has gone beyond the law” with its ruling, but will “move on from that location” regardless. “We have decided to move on from that location due to the fact the city will waste a bunch of taxpayers’ money to fight us in court, where if we wanted to make a point would win. We do not fall into ‘adult entertainment’ as they suggest. The license was revoked before we even opened or went to any appeals. The city is acting beyond their powers and shows you how even small government abuses their powers”. At that moment, Wilson argued that the baristas weren’t wearing anything Californians wouldn’t see on a beach. “We are a very classy business and pride ourselves on customer service and quality drinks. We have dress codes that expose less than you would see at a pool or beach,” Wilson told Fox News. Wilson co-founded the first Bottoms Up Espresso location in Modesto, Calif., in 2011. He confirmed to Fox News there are at least a dozen other locations under development in the Sacramento area, along with more in Arizona.

Chico Mayor Sean Morgan had also called Bottoms Up’s Chico location “unfortunate”, but ultimately said the business was not violating the city code.