Jean Claude Artonne talks about V.R products within the Adult Industry

Jean Claude Artonne talks about V.R products within the Adult Industry


First of all we want to thank you for accepting the interview!  For people who don`t know you would you like to introduce yourself and to tell us about your duties at TERPON?

As some may know from the recent industry events and meetings Terpon has been engaged with, we are a camera and digital interface manufacturer specializing in the advancement of Virtual Reality products within the adult industry.

My background is in mainstream digital imaging tech, and I see an extraordinary opportunity for adult companies, particularly in the live cam niche, to play a key role in the way VR technology is rolled out to consumers.

As the CEO of Terpon my duties include everything from supervising the design of our state of the art VR Webcams, to the manufacture and production of the cameras that will be available in the coming months, and the partnership agreements we are getting place with major cam platforms, top cam models and many paysite owners as well.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got in the adult business in the first place?

In my experience, the line between “adult” and “mainstream” no longer exists.  While I understand that in the 1960s and ‘70s adult was very much a walled garden kept quietly apart from mainstream film and other relevant markets, in the last ten years that boundary has been broken through so many times that most consumers and business owners are ready to move beyond that old way of thinking.

Terpon is a new name in adult because VR is a new technology and the timing for our launch worked in everyone’s’ favor this year, but I have been watching the industry and actively looking for the right ways to add value to it for quite a while.  When, recently approached by an “adult” industry player from Montreal, I noticed the need for top tier camera tech in the VR live cam vertical my plans were put into action.

Can you explain how your product works and why should models and members use it?

Right now, webcam models are only able to broadcast live streaming content in flat two-dimensional video that lacks the clarity and immersive qualities their fans desire. webcams utilize two lenses and advanced imaging technologies to allow cam girls the first plug-and-play solution for VR webcam broadcasts.  They can simply plug a Terpon VR-Cam into any USB 3 port on their computer, and instantly begin broadcasting in amazing VR three-dimensional high-resolution video.  Best of all, unlike the VR cams of the past, Terpon cameras do not have any heat issues and are able to send smooth enjoyable video streaming of their content with almost the exact same packet and data delivery as a traditional HD webcam.  Put simply, you unplug your old cam, plug in a Terpon cam and your fans can feel like they are right in the same room with you during every performance!

What differentiates your product from other similar products on the market?

There are no similar products on the market.  There are VR cameras, mostly GoPros and things like them cobbled together by professional studios that suffer from serious overheating problems, giant infrastructure requirements, unwieldy equipment and many other challenges.  Terpon is a simple, light, cool and efficient VR camera that will come in three different types.  A VR Webcam for independent models, a slightly higher grade low-light version for studios, and a VR Pro cam with beyond the envelope specs for professional shooters seeking to create the most mind-bending pre-recorded VR paysite content ever filmed.

Lots of studio owners and cam models read our site. How would you address them to consider using your technology?

Early in 2017, we will begin by giving away a few High-End cameras to top of the list studios, and the first 1,000 Terpon VR Webcams to a selected list of performers.  After that we will be renting VR Cams to performers and studios at a low monthly price that is below our own cost of manufacturing each camera while we continue to build our market share.  Cam platforms and studios will also be able to obtain VR cams from Terpon and can easily increase their revenue by charging a premium for VR access from their customers.  Or, what we strongly recommend, to significantly increase their number of customers by actively attracting them without additional charges, just granting VR broadcasted content to be at the top of the featured models list.  For many models and studios, it will represent a key competitive advantage.

In the near future, we will begin selling VR headsets and gears via website, an affiliate main stream online magazine & shop, and our traffic partners will be able to cash in with affiliate revenue from each item they sell on our sites.  That means there are many ways to make money with Terpon, at little or zero up front cost to anyone.  If you are interested in becoming a Terpon VR partner, please be sure to contact us today.  Our inventory is limited and waitlists may be necessary for those who try to get in late… so being among the first is a major advantage.

What upcoming tools and features we can expect from you in the near future?

The reason we are renting cameras to Cam Girls instead of selling them outright is the simple fact that VR technology continues to change at an amazing pace.  The lenses, software, hardware and design will rapidly evolve as consumers gain access to VR devices, including connected toys benefiting from last haptic technologies, and the cameras become commoditized.  Therefore, we always want Terpon partners to have the very newest and best VR cams possible, and we will continue to provide updated cameras as each new wave of devices are ready for use.  Partners will receive a new VR cam by mail, and send back their old camera in return.  The earlier generation cameras will then be donated to charities on their behalf to provide important educational tools and technologies to people in need. For more information about our charity efforts, please contact us.  We are proud of these initiatives and look forward to advancing them as well with a sustainable business model that benefits the adult industry, it’s customers and many others in need as Terpon grows and matures.


  1. it was always a dream “to be” with a cam-model. 3D is bringing it a step closer. However, the cam or service need to be switchable between 2D and 3D as many camsites dont support this right now or not all members have those tool to watch it. Would be good to see who supports this service first. I see there a chance especially for the freemium sites offering both in parallel 2D and 3D. Why? In freemium sites the model present to a larger group of people but one way. If 3D is offered only for paying members it is also a way to have more to join the site. Could be a nice business model. Funny… I would like to know what models think if they see member in pvt with cyber viewing tools :)))). Keep information for this going on and more about camsites thatstart to support it.