Jamie Rodriguez – F4F Interview

Jamie Rodriguez – F4F Interview


This time we had the pleasure of asking Flirt4Free’s Jamie Rodriguez about the site’s current and future position. Their site is one of the most prominent trend setter out there and has been with us for over 20 years now.

Thank you Jamie for accepting out interview. First off, could you tell us more about your position and responsibilities at Flirt4Free?

Well I’ve been with Flirt4Free the past 10 years working closely with our models and studios to make sure they have everything they need on our network which has been incredibly rewarding and satisfying. I’m also involved with anything relating to our brand representation and the specific features and usage of our product.

Flirt4Free is one of the most acclaimed cam sites out there. Many cam sites come and go or maybe float in middle, but your company managed to stay a prominent player for over 2 decades now. From your perspective what is the reason behind this success?

I can definitely credit a huge part of our success to the team working behind the scenes. Gregory Clayman Flirt4Free’s owner and Brad Estes our Executive Vice-President have always been able to look ahead of the curve while still focusing on doing things right and fair. There have been plenty of times over the years where we saw competitors take easier paths or where we could have made choices to make quick money, but instead have stayed true to our core values and concentrated on growing the business for long term success and stability. All 80 members of our growing team also believe in working for a company we can be proud to be a part of and the strong work ethic at our office demonstrates our attention to quality and our passion for Flirt4Free.

Many models might read this interview who do not work on your site yet. What would you tell them, why they should join your community?

If a model is looking for a network where they can feel appreciated with opportunities to make great money, I definitely encourage them to look at Flirt4Free.

Many models enjoy the fact we also have a ton of tools and features for them to really customize their experience on our network as we know not all models do the same type of shows or have the same needs from a site.

Another aspect I feel is important to mention about what it means to broadcast with Flirt4Free is our relationships with our models and studios. One of our main focuses as a company which I believe has helped us continue to grow over the years is our dedication to our broadcasters. We have studios and models who have been on our network 10+ years and we consider valued members of the Flirt4Free family. Being part of the Flirt4Free family means really feeling like there’s a community that can be relied on for support or advice and we do fun events like our Flirt Summit every year where we go somewhere amazing with our best models and studios for education, pampering, and relaxation in an intimate setting.

We also are always working to be our absolute best we can be. Sometimes a model might have tried us years ago and think their experience will be the same today as it was three years ago and that’s just not the case. We’ve kept our core values like quality and excellence over the last 20 years, but we have also continued to evolve and grow our features and capabilities to provide the best cam platform we can for today’s model.

If we can get a glimpse, what future features, exciting updates we can expect from Flirt4Free?

Recently we were able to launch an enhanced version of our Flirt Rewards program for customers which allows them to earn points for different activities on the site and then use those points to redeem promo codes or boost their favorite models etc. Another great benefit of this program is that models know have better visibility on the statuses and levels of the customers in their rooms allowing them to be able to focus more on their best potential clients. We’ve also continued to increase over the year the strength of our Fetish Community which really allows for models and customers to meet specific niches and be themselves with special pages highlighting them and their own promotion and contests.

Models from your site managed to win the Cam Boy of the Year award on AW Awards in two consecutive years. Which trophy or trophies would you like to take home next year?

We’re extremely proud of both Chris Aron and Stefano for winning the last two years in a row. Both models were very surprised and humbled to be acknowledged for their impressive achievements on our network and we were very happy to be able to share that experience with them at the AW Awards. Next year we’d love to again see one of our guys take home a trophy again of course, and any other category where the people familiar with our network really feel like we shine.

Speaking of Cam Boys, the Romanian gay/boy market is still kind of evolving. In your opinion in what areas content providers should improve their work in this specific niche?

For us Guys aren’t just a niche but half of our business. Because of this strength, everything we build or do we think about what both sides of our network are looking for with no differences in where our energy is focused and we encourage content providers to do the same. It has been exciting to see the trend at the last few trade shows of more studios discussing having male models and taking note of this part of the market. The male models and male studios who do best in my opinion are the ones who don’t try to cut corners on guys, or treat them the same as female models. Male models don’t need fancy bedroom décor, but they do need décor that is unique to them and looks masculine and inviting. Having a gym, photo sessions, game room or whatever else they need to make them feel special and do their best online is essential and shouldn’t be ignored just because they’re male models. I would also encourage understanding the fetishes and needs of the gay customer as there are typical requests or types of shows that aren’t the same for female models. If a male model can navigate the wants of the customer successfully regardless if they themselves are straight or gay, they can really create a strong fan base and develop relationships online.  We have customers on not only the girl’s side of the site but the guy’s side of the site as well who will comfortably spend $100,000 a month on their favorite models. These big spenders are looking for quality models and we love when they find them on Flirt4Free.