Is Post Intelligence a game changer tool?

Is Post Intelligence a game changer tool?


Nowadays social media is one of the largest global communication channels and by far the most used one on a daily basis. It was only a matter of time until marketers saw a huge opportunity in promoting their business throughout several networks. Since many people started to advertise and generate lots of content on social platforms, some entrepreneurs saw an opportunity of making several additional apps to make posting process easier. One of them is presented in this article and it was created by a former Google software architect.

Bindu Reddy, the founder of Post intelligence (Pi), argues that their tool can make your Twitter activity more efficient. In addition, she mentioned that Pi can be a great tool to bring higher incomes to your business, but in the same time it can be hard and it`s not a hypothetical way of speaking.

On social media, there are a lot of useful tools such as dashboards and assistants, however, Pi offers many direct advises comparing with other assistants. If you connect your Twitter or your Facebook page, Pi will generate a stream of links that you should consider to post, as she continued.   

After you have formulated a post, this assistant will predict how proper and well your post will do, featuring also the option to suggest you when would be the perfect time to post it. It offers analytics as well, to see how a post did and in the same time, it even has a marketplace to increase the earnings through sponsored posts.

The CEO and co-founder of Pi mentioned that the product examines the engagement data from Twitter and Facebook. It uses artificial intelligence to surface the subjects that will be the most suitable for the followers and will anticipate the performance of your post based on themes, keywords, length etc.

She was determined to highlight that Pi isn’t actually telling users what exactly to post, and isn’t focusing on what is currently the most popular content because sharing the same content as everybody isn’t necessarily a key to succeeding.

Pi was made by the same company behind a social advertising platform called MyLikes.  The CEO said that the technology is new and that the team is focused now on Post Intelligence.

Although it may look like a game changer at first, she didn’t actually mention whether or how this new assistant will be compatible with adult industry content generation, which is by far more difficult to promote on social media and more volatile, thus much harder to predict the impact of a post. Would be quite interesting to have such tools and the liberty to advertise adult content with more ease. Hopefully, we’re going to witness it soon.