Interview with Xotika.TV’s CCO, John Carvalho

Interview with Xotika.TV’s CCO, John Carvalho


Thanks for accepting the interview with us! For people who don`t know you , how would you introduce yourself, your background in the domain and your position?

My name’s John Carvalho, and I’m the CCO at XO Media, the parent company of Xotika.TV. My background is primarily in branding and marketing, mostly outside of the Adult Entertainment industry. However, for the past 4 years my focus has been on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. That’s how I found Xotika, the first video-streaming service to exclusively use Bitcoin.

Once I discovered the company, I spent months researching the industry and interviewing the models and staff. I soon became convinced that it was something I needed to be a part of. In October, I joined the company as CCO.

Let`s talk about What makes your platform and business model different?

In recent years, many adult websites have been hacked, compromising the sensitive personal and financial information of models and users. At, we never need to store the personal information or financial accounts of our models & members. We achieve this by limiting the entire website to using Bitcoin as a currency for deposits, tipping, and withdrawals.

The system gives models full control to withdraw their earnings at any time, which means that delayed payments and chargebacks are never an issue. It also allows members that want extra privacy to feel safer; they never have to worry about their wives finding suspicious credit card charges.

Another thing that makes great is its community of models and members. At Xotika, we encourage and promote a social environment and interactivity between models. For example, they have a lot of fun with all of wonderful remote-control toys that are now available.

Many people have somewhat foggy idea about Bitcoin, how they earn them, where they come from and how they access their money in the end. Can you bring the whole concept a bit closer to our readers?

Certainly. A lot of people think Bitcoin is run by a company, or some sort of risky scam, which is entirely incorrect. Bitcoin is actually an entirely new design for digital money. In 2009, developers discovered a way to use cryptography and the concept of a shared public ledger database to make an entirely independent digital money system.

Bitcoin is basically a way to have the benefits of cash within the realm of the internet. Many people like using it for various categories of “sex, drugs, and rock & roll”, as well as tax avoidance, regulatory evasion, digital nomadism, but Bitcoin is quite legitimate and growing in popularity and acceptance.

People earn bitcoins in every way you can imagine, including camming at Xotika! Most people do the simplest and fastest thing, and buy bitcoins by meeting up with local traders using the tools at, but there are formal cryptocurrency exchanges as well.

In the end, the models can choose to either keep their bitcoins and spend them at websites that accept them for various goods and services, or they can simply sell their bitcoins for cash if they prefer.

The funny thing about Bitcoin is that it has its own community of enthusiasts, and some models find themselves so fascinated by the concept they enjoy the Bitcoin community as well.

In the future, will make an extra effort to communicate these values to the camming industry, as well as provide full support and handholding for models that want to learn more about how to use it.

Romania is one of the biggest market from live chat industry. How is Xotika capitalizing on the Romanian market?

It’s amazing how Romania has grown into this industry, and I look forward to visiting again for the AWSummit in 2017. I’m currently living the nomadic life in the USA, but most of our team is based in Romania; I’m the odd nomadic American.

Xotika is still quite new on the scene, and while we have made partnerships with various studios and independent models in the country, there is so much more we want to do in 2017.

It could be interesting to start a studio at some point…

What are the advantages for which models and studios should choose to use your site?

The biggest advantages are related to privacy, security, and financial control.

There is nothing more important to a model than her privacy. Xotika is designed to protect that better than any other service out there. Our members enjoy similar advantages.

Once you get a tip at Xotika, it is yours. There are no chargebacks, penalties, processing fees, or shady payment processors to deal with. Withdrawals are processed immediately and clear within 10 minutes, on average.

Models at also have free reign over their channels, which they love. We aren’t strict like some services, and we’re not interested in policing or pressuring models to follow arbitrary rules. I find that most models are already extremely motivated, particularly when you give them a blank canvas to work with.

The V.R. technology is starting to become very important in adult entertainment industry. Do you plan to integrate this tool in your platform?

Yes, I am extremely interested in any interactive technologies that allow our users to immerse themselves into an unforgettable experience. As the company grows, we intend to stay at the front of the pack with hardware integrations and creative show experiences.

I absolutely love how things have developed with remote-control toys and all of the fun interactions they now allow. Models are getting really creative with these tools, and I think the members are really embracing new technologies.

What future plans and updates we can expect from

Things have really only just begun! I am in the process of creating a comprehensive strategic plan for Xotika’s growth. The whole team is extremely motivated and we’ve got some of the best developers in the Bitcoin and streaming industries.

We are working on entirely new version of the software, and intend to come out of beta in 2017. It will have lots of new features, including big plans for the rewards and badge systems, improved mobile support, and more.

You can also expect to see more promotion, content, and special events, including appearances at conferences and few parties of our own!