Interview with Shirley Lara, Chaturbate’s C.O.O.

Interview with Shirley Lara, Chaturbate’s C.O.O.


Can you give us a bit of a history lesson about how you got into the whole live cam business?

I originally started working with celebrity gossip websites. Then, in the adult space, in what is known in the industry as “solo” girl sites. The concept behind solo girl websites is, in some respects, very similar to live cams as both generally feature one person. However, unlike solo girl sites, live cams involve interactive communication between the performer or the broadcaster, as we refer to persons appearing on our platform, and their audiences. I feel my previous work set me up to be well suited for live cams.

Chaturbate won the trophy for both the Most Innovative Camsite and Freemium Camsite of the Year categories on AW-Awards 2016. What are the key factors in your opinion that lead to this recognition?

We have state-of-art- technology like our apps and bots which make the chat room very interactive while the broadcaster earns tokens. This really set us apart from all other cam sites. Chaturbate’s platform has always been driven by our broadcasters. Broadcasters don’t log on and hope for tokens, they set up games and invite everyone to play. No matter who wins, everyone wins because everyone in the chat room then sees a show.

Both on AWSummit and in the audience of this portal, there are lots of Romanian cam girls. It is commonly said that Eastern European girls are more comfortable on premium web sites. Do you also see this in your statistics regarding the locality of your hosts?

No. In our experience making a generalization about a particular broadcasters region is not at all valid. In my opinion, different personalities are attracted to different cam platforms. Although of course I am biased, I think our broadcasters utilize the various tools that are available to them to stage an entertainment production. I feel personality will determine what business model is best suited for the broadcaster not region.

Since we’d like to provide practical advices for cam girls, in your opinion how models who prefer doing private shows can get the best results on freemium cam sites, which also provide group or private chat features?

On Chaturbate I recommend launching the Crazy Ticket app. It’s really easy to setup and use. The broadcaster simply launches Crazy Ticket app, decides how much she wants to charge per person, gives a description of what people can expect to see, and then broadcast. The user will need to tip the amount determined by the broadcaster and once she is ready users will automatically have access to the show.

What kind of performers are best fit on freemium cam sites, such as yours? Working for tip, creating games requires a very different pace, different mindset. How would you pinpoint the most important attributes of the ideal host for Chaturbate?

I noticed the broadcasters who do well on freemium websites have strong personalities and love to chat and entertain with a lot of people at once.

Finally, we would like to ask if we can expect any major updates, new features from you guys in the near future?

We often heard that some broadcasters and their fans prefer less nudity in public chat. To provide a home for this community, Chaturbate is proud to announce a new sister site: CAMGASM.COM! Camgasm takes the unique signature features from Chaturbate — like HD video, apps and moderators — and combines them with a more private experience. Nudity on Camgasm is restricted to group shows, private shows, password shows, and app controlled shows (like crazy ticket).