Interview with Robin from XCams

Interview with Robin from XCams


Robin, we would like to start with a big thanks for accepting this interview. Can you give us first a bit of history lesson on how you got in the business, and what are your daily tasks in your current position?

You are very welcome and I would also like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am getting close to 6 years working in the adult business and I must say that so far it was a nice ride. In the industry I got by mistake, I never planned or though to work for a company activating in this field. I started working as a customer support representative  for one of the most known cam sites. One year later I applied for an affiliate manager position within the same group, my application materialized and from then on I decided this is the carrier path I want to follow.

At Xmodels  I am a Business Development Account Manager. This translates into: finding new  studio and model partners and maintaining the relation with the existing ones; managing a small team of model coaches ; developing and managing projects with direct impact on the Xmodels platform; managing the Social Media channels of the company and other Xmodels PR related tasks.  There might be a few more minor things besides the ones mentioned above, however my focus is on model development and studio partners relations.

There are plenty of things that keep me busy and I can’ t complain my day is passing slow, actually sometimes I have no idea how a day is passing so fast.

Obviously number of mobile users is growing every year, but when you see the performance of models, do you think they also adapt to the different platforms? What we mean is that mobile and desktop experience is different, thus girls should give different kinds of shows depending on this.

With the evolution of technology it was expected that the mobile usage will  play a very important role  of any online business and especially for live cams.

In what regards the Xmodels platform we are aware of the fact that the experience on mobile and desktop users is different. However I don’ t think that models should adapt their shows, this is something that we have to ensure for them.  We want to make sure that users won’ t get confused or disappointed therefore we’re using only one approach on both mobile and desktop.  One of the reasons  is given by the retention of users on our platform , which is great. These loyal users often change between gadgets when they come on our sites to chat with their favourite models.

We encourage our models to use a good combination of chat and sound, so no matter how the users are  reaching their chat rooms they will feel welcome and satisfied. Models should also use sound and voice while they are online or in a paying chat, either we refer to group chat or private chat. This is the most efficient way of keeping their customers happy and engaged. In case they have their hands full typing might not always be an efficient way.

Who is the ideal Xmodels performer? What everyone knows, that you have quite specific language requirements. Do you think the Romanian market can fit into this in large volumes?

Every model can be the ideal performer for her users and fans and each one of the starts fresh with equal chances on our platform. From Xmodels point of view the ideal model is the one that is  well organized, understands and has the will to learn how the platform works and is dedicated to her users .The ideal model  is also the one who takes camming seriously and as a business in the real meaning of the word and last but not the least who things long term and big.

There are many models with an exceptional potential, either we talk about experienced models or new ones, the issue is that a very big percentage of them don’ t realize it or out of modesty they don’ t want to admit firstly to themselves that they have it. Together with our team of coaches we try to discover models that fall into this category, coach them and make them aware of what they can realize if they follow few  simple steps. Camming is not hard but it isn’t easy either, therefore  is always good to have somebody to show you the way.

In what regards languages we are doing things a bit different and yes models that speak foreign languages have a bigger leverage. As we have a big influence in the Benelux area: French, Dutch, Flemish can make the difference for those who speak these languages. Though German, Italian or Spanish are also languages which can be very beneficial for those models either native or who have a good level of speaking. All this comes from how our company Xmodels has been build up before it became one of the strongest players in the European market. It is important to tailor your platform from all points of view and make sure you offer to your users exactly what they demand.

The Romanian market is one of the biggest markets in live chat, if not the leading market when it comes to level of professionalism, number of overall models, language(s), very good looking models, both male sand females and the best internet connection. Romanian market is not only for us in the spotlight, it serves almost all the cam sites and users with the best earning and most gorgeous cam models. Who says otherwise might not know what he/she is talking about or have very low knowledge about the live cam business or adult industry overall.

We have seen new efforts from Xmodels in making their collaboration stronger with cam studios as well. What are the main challenges in this from your side?

Taking into consideration the history behind the company, how it developed and the countries it boosted from, I can say that Xmodels had a better approach to individual models from the beginning.

Xmodels always worked with studios, even though back in the days the screening process was a bit tough. In the past few years  studio owners and managers have changed too, in a positive way and they became very professional, more open to cooperate in certain aspects and they started to take the business more serious . I believe that the blossoming of live cam business tailored Summits and by including dedicated live cam day within existing Conferences and Summits helped a lot in strengthening the relation between cam sites / cam site representatives and studio partners.

So far in what regards our platform and what we offer to studios we believe we are doing a great job and we’re still working on improving it with new options and features.

We offer a transparent and  easy to use Stats reporting system plus the option to export them easily. Studios have the option to create sub-studios for easier management for different types of models or locations. Also for transparency reasons between studios and models we offer the option to show the stats to models in Equivalent Minutes or in real currency, either euro or dollars, depending on the settings that are chosen.

For those studio owners that want to concentrate more on developing and growing their business we offer the “ Split Billing” option which helps a great deal and saves a lot of time when it comes to accounting and paying the models.  In this particular case we pay the models directly and the studio owner receives his/her commission. The commission can be set individual for each model as well and this is defined by the agreement between the two parts.

From payments point of view we are working with an invoicing system which can be done manually or set on automatic. The invoices are saved within the account so in case you lose the original and you need an invoice for your accountant you will always find it there.
What new projects, features can we expect to see on your site in the near future?

Our platform always concentrated on quality, either we’re referring to streaming, design , features etc. Being a smaller cam company compared to others  we are able to develop features faster that are indeed useful for our models and studios.  To mention a few features that were made based on our models’ or studios’ feedback: Xmodels Twitter Application, Split Billing, SMXPP, Chat Applet Translation Tool,  In Chat Shortcuts , Wishlists, etc.

Of course we are aware of the trends that are going on in the cam business and we receive precious feedback from our models in this regard too. As we want to continue in the same style, and offer our models and studio partners what they need we are working on a few trendy features that will surely have a great impact for our models but for our users as well. You just have to stick around and see what we have saved for the near and far future.

We have left the most important question for the end. Will you be able to skydive when the winter comes, or you will need to look for another hobby?

I love skydiving too much to leave a bit of cold keep me away from the sport that I grew up with and thought me so many good things.  I go skydiving in the winter too even if this involves traveling to warmer places. Together with my team Fly ‘N Friends we are organizing an event  at Skydive Spain, Seville ,during the month of December, this year will be the 3rd edition. The event is split in two parts, one week for AFF students that never skydived before and second week for experienced skydivers who want to improve their flying skills. Aside from this I satisfy my “hunger” with some  indoor skydiving time which is great to keep me fit, maintaining and improving my skills when jumping  out of a perfectly working plane, heli, etc. is not possible due to bad weather. For awesome skydiving pics and vids you can follow Fly ‘ N Friends on Facebook or Instagram.