Interview with Rebecca000

Interview with Rebecca000


Can you tell us a bit about how and when you got into this domain?

About how and when I got in this industry … oh my, well, it was long long time ago. I was young and beautiful. Wait, I still am πŸ˜€ I was 19, so that was almost 6 years ago. I wanted to become independent and at that time I considered this domain the best choice. And guess what? I never regret my choice, not even for a minute.

Have you ever faced different treatment from people in the industry, because of your gender or because you work as a live cam model?

Yes, unfortunately we still live in a world where this topic, this industry is a bit taboo. I have to admit that I don’t say it loud to anyone what I am doing for living. I don’t keep it a secret also, my family and friends all know about it:) Lately, I don’t care so much anymore about what others think, you know most of people thinks that you’re an escort or an easy woman and this is quite funny because I only get out to party like twice a year and that’s always with my friends :).

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your job?

My biggest challenges? I think to be able to bring joy to all my members, as they are all so different and of course to become the top of the top models :D.

Did the adult business change you over the years? If so, how?

I think it did change me a bit. I see the world a bit different and somehow, nothing can surprise me anymore, I don’t know if is good or bad, but what I can say that I got to be very good in knowing people.I could easily start a psychology career after I am done with camming and I can also do management or human resources .

What is the best piece of advice you could give to the new generation of performers?

I usually avoid giving advice. New generation is a bit different than 6 years ago. I have my own style, which is not the best all the time, but I still keep it. What can I say? Work! Work and again work! keep it simple, be yourself, be happy and comfy with what you`re doing. When you like what you do, everything is more easy πŸ™‚

Which achievement of yours in the live cam business makes you the proudest so far, and what would be the next one?

This is kinda big, I always worked hard on a stable schedule and made a lot of money but I wasn’t so much after “special targets”. Now … am looking for the “Live Cam Oscar” Aw Awards, of course the AVN award :D. The Studio 20 team really brought my best to the surface, I am more focused and serious then anybody.

Finally, we are curious: how a regular work day of yours looks like?

You ask me how my all days look like, as I have 1 day off on week or so. :)). I wake up at same time at a roost or bakers, at 4.30 am. First time I do is coffee, of course. I go upstairs in my working room, opening radio and listening the news, while I do my make up :D. I go on cam and waiting for my people to come, to have fun and to enjoy other day on cam. The hardest part of my day is to choose my outfit for that day and I usually change it like 5 times a day :).