Interview with Patricia Goddess, The Winner of Best Solo Site AW Awards...

Interview with Patricia Goddess, The Winner of Best Solo Site AW Awards 2016


I think everybody is curious how did you start on live chat and when did you first become interested in the adult industry?

After I graduated from pedagogical school, I started to search for work. Before I wanted to be a teacher but I did not find any open positions during this period and I knew it would be just small salary in my country. One day, my friend from school invited me to work in her studio. We were sitting in the park and she described me quickly about work as a Web Cam Model. At first, I was thinking that it is very easy money and really big money! I was very exciting and even happy.

Do you remember your first webcam experience and how would you describe it?

Before I became an independent cam girl I worked with my friend’s studio. On the first day, the admin from my studio showed me 2 sites for the first time: MyFreeCams and LiveJasmin. I started in the non-nude category on MFC. Guys tipped me in public chat for my smile and tried to talk with me, but I did not know English well at the time. I tried to have a slow conversation using Google Translate but were too slow for MFC members who laughed but continued tip me because they thought I am a shy and cute girl. On LiveJasmin, I was in Hot Flirt category and got my first private show with one member who turned on his camera. He asked me to stand up and dance near the camera. I was in ordinary jeans and a pink sweater because it was the end of September. My hair was crazy fluffy and my makeup a mess, but he liked my dance and just asked me to dance like I was doing a long time. I earned my first 200 dollars on the first day! I was very happy because it was so easy and I was not even naked! I think the first day I was online 8 hours.

Speaking about your webcam followers: Do you do anything in particular to engage them? How do you go about making it feel personal for everyone?

I think all cam girls have their own secrets how to make their members feel special. I work only on LiveJasmin where girls earn money mostly from Private Chat, not from Free Chat (of course, from free chat we can have tips and other gifts), but in Private Chat is where you give your soul to a member. Try to show your real personality – who you are and try to know more about the personality of a member and his life. When a member feels special, he will come back, not because you promised anything, but because he feels really good with you as a cam girl, and not lonely in his soul. Of course, it is not secret that some members want to marry a cam girl, but it is the same thing happens with a good psychologist.

Now that you are very popular cam model, tell me what makes a successful cam model? Are there any specific lessons you have learned from career so far?

First of all, I can tell that 100% all cam girls can become top cam girl, but it is depends on the cam girl, her long and short term goals in life, and their character. My opinion, I can tell that if you want to be successful cam model in short time, you need to have a plan for every day, week, month, and year. You need have a strict schedule for every week. You need work regularly and a lot. A lot of cam girls asked me how I can work so many hours. These days I don’t work as much as before because I changed goals in my life, but when I had the goal to be a top cam girl quickly I worked around 14-15 hours online. I always compared my work with other people who work very hard for little, and it gave me strength to work harder and reach my goals. Some admins from studios and independent cam girls think that to be successful cam model they need to have great make-up, care about hair, about body, to wear some sexy clothes, have an extravagant room, etc. Of course, it is nice to see beautiful cam model in a beautiful palace, but it is not what determines your success. All depends on your plan on every day (your breaks, weekends, and vacation – it is very important), how you are active in free chat with members, and your real personality. And the most important is your health! Cam models should care about yourself, have good food, drink good water, take vitamins, visit regularly doctors to be sure you are healthy.

Let’s talk a little bit about your future in live cam industry, how long do you want to do that and how do you plan your future?

It is very important question for me, because I always think about my future. To be direct, I work now not a lot as before, as cam girl, because now mostly care about my body and soul, and future plans, but I love my work as web cam model and want continue work years. It is very comfortable work, because at home and I am boss for myself. So in future I can build my own business and will continue work as web cam model.

In the end, do you have any advice for girls who want to start a live chat?

I can advise to all girls who want to start a live chat to be yourself. To understand what really you want from your life, have goals for your life. Take this work easy and don’t go crazy to be top cam model because we can not earn all the money in the world, and can hurt your own health working too hard. Just take this work slow, love yourself and respect everyone you meet.


  1. Working as a cam model makes you really ambitious. The more you work and dedicate yourself to the job, the more you gain a lot of benefits.