Interview with Liz from Streamate

Interview with Liz from Streamate


Thank you for accepting the interview. For people who know less about you, how would you introduce yourself and your position at Streamate?

My name is Liz , I am the Director of Marketing for Streamate/ I joined the company and the industry in 2000. My position at Streamate has crossed into many different segments of the cam world. Over the years I became one of the “go to” resources for models, studios, and partners from around the world, working to help them succeed on our platform. Most recently my focus has shifted toward ways to improve user retention and re-engagement by enhancing the user and model experience.
As Marketing Director, what are your main responsibilities and challenges in the company?

My responsibilities span a large segment of our business. I have focused on helping Streamate grow into an industry leader and worked to maintain a positive reputation to our members and to the industry as a whole.

As with any career, there are challenges, probably too many to list. I believe that having a full spectrum understanding of the product and industry is a sold tool for success and builds a skill set to address and resolve any challenge.

Romania definitely has a very important position in the live cam domain, as it has huge amounts of cam models. How would you try to convince more of them, to work in your network?

Romania has been part of Streamate since day one and we are thrilled to have many great partnerships all over the country and all over the world. Of course I would like to have anyone try Streamate. Those who I have spoken with know that I truly believe in Streamate. I believe that comes through when I speak to models and studios who are considering trying us out.

I also believe models should work on the sites they have the most success on, and it’s my hope that site is Streamate. I believe Streamate offers models a solid platform with an established client base. We work very hard to deliver the most productive traffic for models, offering them a great opportunity to succeed. Our members are definitely focused on the premium experience, which sets us apart from many other cam sites.

You are working from Streamate from the very beginning. From your point of view, what are the main changes since that era until now?

The biggest change I have seen is the impact of social media and the amount of self-branding within the model population. Social media has changed how we communicate and has changed how models reach their fans. Models are building their own identities and brands across the various social media outlets. This has become a very powerful tool for success in this industry for sure.

What changed for the better or let’s say for the worse in your opinion?

For the better I would say that models have the freedom to define themselves and build on it. It’s a sense of empowerment for models to control their own public presence.

For the worse, I would say that at the same time social media is great, it can also be very challenging. I believe anyone can be consumed by tweets, posts and blasts. Words can be powerful weapons, for good and bad. My hope is that models who use social media remember this and try to focus on positive and supportive representation of themselves and the industry.

Does Streamate also plan implementing new technologies, such as Internet enabled sex toys or VR? Do you see potential in these tools on short term, or in your opinion this is something that will bring fruit many years later?

We are always working on adding new features and tools for models to use. While we have not officially partnered with any toys, many models use them to further enhance their shows. I think they’re great, and if the user experience is positive and keeps them on the site, I see no downside.

VR is also very intriguing, I personally believe the user experience is still evolving, but appears to be moving in the right direction. We are always watching the progress and the trends and are ready to respond once we believe the technology is ready.

What other new features, tools can we expect for your site in the near future?

Well, I can’t exactly share all the new tools and features we plan to introduce on Streamate (wink), but we are definitely working on giving models more ways to make more money. Streamate is always working to improve the user experience on the site. As we all know, members/users are viewing cams on many devices. We want our users to have a fantastic experience accessing their favorite cams at any time and on any device.

I would keep your eyes open for announcements for improved streaming tools, making it easier and less demanding to offer a top quality stream. Additionally, more ways to turn the content you produce on cam into higher earnings.

We at Streamate encourage models and studios to check us out, if you haven’t already. I am happy to answer questions and can be reached at Additionally, because we know how important Romania is to the industry and to Streamate specifically, we actually have a Romanian representative available! Catalina, is an amazing resource and available for questions, training, tips and a ton of knowledge. She can be reached at