Interview with Károly Papp, LiveJasmin’s CEO

Interview with Károly Papp, LiveJasmin’s CEO


LiveJasmin was one of the main sponsors of AWSummit this year as well, and now we had the opportunity to have Károly Papp, CEO and co-founder of the company for a short interview. People who work with him know him as a down to the earth, practical person in business which makes it easy to come to an understanding with him. We were curious about his opinion regarding the summit, future projects and the general direction of the cam site we all know, LiveJasmin.

AW News: Let us start by thanking you for taking your time and participating in this interview. We see AWSummit 2016 as a success but we would also like to know your opinion about it. How you see the evolution of the event in the last 3 years, and how you imagine the future of the series working with LiveJasmin?

Karoly Papp: I would also like to thank you for thinking of me. I really like what I see and how the event series evolves, every year the organizing is more and more professional. The atmosphere is amazing which we can greatly thank to Alex. Without him the Summit could not exist. I had the privilege to visit various events in the last 15 years, but what is sure that the AWSummit is currently the best event in the industry.

Personally I am very grateful for this summit because here we can meet various partners. For us, studios and models were always the most important, as they are who we are maintaining the system for. We would like to make the bond between us and AWSummit even closer and to be premium sponsor in the future as well. We build the future together, and I think this event will get bigger and bigger every year, with more models, more studios and more companies from other areas of the industry. I encourage everyone I know from the camming business to participate on this event, as it is a new opportunity for everyone. And last but not least, here you can have the best parties too 🙂

AN: You were one of the original founders of LiveJasmin when it was simply a “garage company” but you are quite a new face in the scene of the industry. What were you up to between the founding days and the return as the CEO company? How you decided to return to the roots?

K.P.: I always preferred to be in the background, managing things from behind. I like to sit in the office and check the site, test features, what works fine and what could be improved, spending time with the developers and other departments, what is their perception of things. How they see what new features we should have, how we could provide even better service for our clients. The reason why I returned to the leading position is that the live cam industry will go through big changes in the next 2-3 years. I would like to help the company through this process. I did the same between 2003 – 2008. The old ones know me, and the new ones will soon get to know me.

AN: This year and last year also, LiveJasmin had its company presentation full of amazing numbers regarding sales, client base and so on. Which one of these statistics make you really proud, one that was a real challenge for your team?

K.P.: Good question. 🙂 There is no number that I am proud in particular, I would rather say that I am proud of the product, from the beginning up to now. I believe all our team thinks the same way, that we should not focus on one area and push that with 200%, but to polish the product altogether. I am very glad for developments which make our clients more satisfied and let our models and studios to make more money on the site. Such features are the Vibratoy, the Messenger and the Model Whitelabel function. We are very proud to run a platform where models and studios alike can be millionaires. It is a fantastic feeling.

AN: On this year’s keynote you also introduced some major new projects, such as the VibraToy and the personal sites for your Models. This seems like a big jump compared to the previous years. Can we expect this as the new tempo if LiveJasmin? Will you treat the audience with such surprises in the near future as well?

K.P.: Yes we have plenty of ideas that we would like develop. I can say for sure that we will not stop even for a moment and we will provide functions that overall make the product better. Only this year we will present 2-3 new features from which studios and models will benefit greatly on the long term. We have recently expanded our Luxembourg office with about 80 more positions, which we will fill up with developers mainly. Also the Budapest office will be expanded and our Los Angeles division took over its new office and will give place for 200 people. And we also opened our Amsterdam office in the recent days, where about 50-80 developers will work on the long run. For all the ideas we have, we need a lot of good developers.

AN: You also introduced the new team of LiveJasmin’s account managers. Lot of fresh, young faces in the industry. Reka and the guys were quite busy on the Summit. How would you describe their path, what differences – if any – can be expected from this new group?

K.P.: Do not think I am complaining, but still a lot of work has to be done on this area. We would like to make a stronger bond with studios and models, to understand even better what they need, and we also want them to know our product better. Because there is no point in developing tools if the users do not know how to utilize them, but also we would just shoot blanks if we would not get feedback on what is really useful for them. For this we need a strong, good team, to mediate between the management and the users. We are at the beginning of building the team, but we keep expanding it. And of course improving it, this I can guarantee.

AN: We have seen some attempts of LiveJasmin aiming towards a more mainstreamed direction with the Jasmin brand, appearance on television, creating talk shows, lots of video content. At this stage how would you summarize this project’s success? Do you see members following this direction with you or they are still more into the adult content?

K.P.: We are constantly trying, still looking for the means to achieve this. It is very important to clarify though, that we want in the mainstream media, not For this it is vital to be able to provide quality content on, and this can be enjoyed by the visitors of as well, as the high quality content appears there too. We would like to bring members to our models from the fans of mainstream media as well.

We see that this glamorous style also has lot of followers, since many people exclusively use Based on feedback both members and models enjoy the higher quality standard. Last but not least, we just had an exhibition in Los Angeles, called MeetingJasmin ( where Digital Art pieces about our models were presented, and soon we will repeat this event in various other countries as well.

AN: Finally, LiveJasmin keeps closer and closer relationship with live cam studios which holds a lot of opportunities for both parties. In your opinion how this relationship could be improved even further both from your and content provider side?

K.P.: We are consciously trying to get closer to studios. The next steps will have to made by us, to be able to meet more times and for longer sessions, to be able to speak as friends, to help cooperation on multiple areas. We work on many other non-adult products such as,,, It is no secret that we imagine our current studios as participants of these projects, to make them succeed, as the technology is the same, only the product is different. So if we will be able to meet more often, we can provide more opportunities to our partners in various products. But about this, more details will be revealed in the near future, on our next personal meeting.